Living on Purpose

As I sat in the pediatrician’s office this past week, the TV in the waiting room was playing a report on accident prevention technology in automobiles. I watched the reporter sitting in the driver’s seat accelerate toward a parked dummy car and then suddenly stop, without her pushing the brake. This technology has sensors in the body of the car to tell when the vehicle is about to rear-end someone, if a pedestrian is in the way, or if the vehicle is drifting off the road. Bells and chimes go off and the car redirects itself or stops completely to avoid collision. It was some pretty cool technology!


I remember drifting off the road a little in high school. I had chosen to give my life to God, surrendering everything to Him when I was fourteen. I made my decision public in my church and youth group. I knew God had something special for my life, just like He does for all His children. My mentors challenged me to commit myself to purity for the Lord, in every facet of my life. That decision protected me from so much harm, because every time I was tempted with the world’s fare for teens, I remembered my decisions. The Holy Spirit reminded me of my purpose.

But as I approached my senior year, I started making some choices that didn’t line up with the path I had committed to years before. I knew deep down that my life at that time didn’t match up with what God wanted for me. One day, I was in the hallway at school when my classmate and friend approached me to call me out on the choices I had made. He told me he knew that I was heading for trouble, drifting off the road, and reminded me to stay on the path that I had chosen for my life. I remember being so upset! I was humiliated, but deep down, I knew he was right.

I’m so thankful for the accident prevention that God has built into our lives as believers. If we will commit to His word, it will guide our path! If we will listen to and obey the Holy Spirit, He will protect us from self-destruction. And if we will surround ourselves with like-minded believers, who will sound those warning bells and chimes in times of danger, we can stay on the road that God has for us.

My challenge today is mostly geared towards teens and young people. If you haven’t already, give your everything to Christ and see what He can do–you won’t be disappointed! And for those who have drifted off the road a little, don’t ignore those warning bells! Keep living on purpose for Christ!

Commit thy way unto The Lord, trust also in Him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

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    1. Wonderful post Heather! Thanks for sharing your story. So important to remember we were created for a purpose by our Creator. It’s never too late to get back on track and live for Him. God bless~

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