“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…”  Prov 17:22

How long has it been since you have really laughed?  Many years ago when we were in candidate school, Dr. Dan Truax (African Director BIMI), told us that the day we got up out of bed and looked into the mirror and could not laugh, to just come home from the mission field.  We learned that to be true very quickly after arriving on the field.

Learning to laugh is a must for this short journey we are traveling called life.    Do you realize how much fun there is for a child of God?  Being around fun people is great medicine.

Fun has always found me.  I must say, I have found myself in trouble a few times because of the fun in me.  Don’t you love people who are happy and fun-loving?  There’s enough doom and gloom in this world without our help.  Let’s just ask God for a merry heart!

Our home has always been a place of laughter.  Our children’s friends loved to come to our home because we laughed and they could be assured of a fun, pleasant place to hang out.

The Roberts gang are the most fun loving group in the world.  When we are all together, the walls vibrate with laughter.  We always leave looking forward to our next gathering.

In every situation, there is a comical side.  Let’s learn to find it and give ourselves a real dose of God’s medicine everyday with laughter.  After all, don’t you think God had a great sense of humor?  He made monkeys and he made us!  Lol

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    1. This really spoke to me, thanks so much…. Our children always had friends over and we always had a good time. Now that our children are grown we get so busy that we don’t take the time to really laugh. We do, just not enough…. Thanks again

    2. I read this verse in my Devos yesterday 🙂 We always love being with the Roberts! 🙂 always a great time!

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