Look at the Moon

moon moon

It was my first time at summer camp. I was 8 and extremely excited.  After the hour and half trip, the announcements, cabin assignments, and pulling my suitcase up what seemed like a mountain, I picked the perfect bed beside my best friend. Then I opened my suitcase and there it was: a letter from my mom! I don’t remember much about what was in the letter except that it said: P.S. “Look at the Moon”. The letter probably included brush your teeth and change your clothes everyday, but the most important part for me was: “Look at the Moon”.

 From then on, every letter my mom sent me, from summer camps to high school away games and on through college I could always count on her to say: “Look at the Moon”.  I knew that phrase meant we both could look at the same moon and think of each other and pray for each other. That was special for me!

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My mother always tried to make great memories for my brother and me.

Now I have three children of my own. We live on the mission field and oftentimes don’t see family for long periods of time. It’s important to me to make some great memories for them, traditions, things they will never forget, and might pass along to their children.

For example:

1) I love the night before Thanksgiving; we make the stuffing for the turkey together. Toasting the bread, chopping the onions, melting butter, adding salt then stuff it all in the turkey.

2) In my children’s lunch boxes I put a note and (don’t tell the teacher) sometimes a small piece of candy in there. It’s a note that says I love you, praying for your test today, or you are my sunshine, etc. Something uplifting that lets them know that I love them with all my heart.

3) Almost every night I sing a song to my son that I made up for him. It’s our song, something special for the both of us.

Traditions and wonderful memories are the things that stay with us for our whole life and, many times, make us who we are.

As mothers, I’d like to challenge all of us to take time to make those special memories and family traditions.  Remember that no matter how far or near our children are to us that we can always take time to “Look at the Moon”.

So, what are some traditions that you are making with your children? Or maybe you would like to share some traditions your mom has made with you?



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    1. That was a great post. I am also a missionary on the field and have been thinking about things to do as a family this year for Christmas that will become traditions. My son is just 8 months old now, but we’re going to start anyways:) Lord bless you, Beth!

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