Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our awesome readers!

You have encouraged us so much, and we love you!


Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.  Maybe it means a special romantic date with your husband or a fun day celebrating with your children.  For some, it may not be as glamorous and may even be difficult.

No matter who you will spend this special day with, remember that there is One who loves us all far greater than we can comprehend!  His love is the pattern and standard by which all other love is measured.  I’m so glad our great God loved us while we were yet sinners!!  Without Him, we would know nothing of true love.  Think of the impact the Gospel makes on the simple emotion of love!  The Gospel completely and totally transforms and defines love for those who have never known it before!

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God. 1 John 3:1

So many around the world still need to hear about this amazing love and the God who embodies it!!  Would you take a moment today and ask the Lord use you to share His life-transforming love with someone today?  Maybe you could share it with your children or a lost family member.  You may cross paths with someone at work or the grocery store who desperately needs the love you enjoy each day.  Pray for those around the world who are giving their lives to tell the greatest love story ever written and send them a note or email letting them know you’re praying for them!

And have fun celebrating the holiday of love!

Speaking of fun, we asked some of our authors to tell us how they met their husbands.  I enjoyed learning more about these ladies and seeing how God has directed their paths over the years to where they are today!

  1. We said “I like you” in junior high, said “I love you” in high-school, and said “I do” in college! –Amber T.
  2. At the OG camp, he was wearing a white curly wig the first time I saw him. –Steph T.
  3. We met eating snacks after the evening service at OG camp…He teased me by telling me I’d probably end up marrying this guy who had just moved to the Our Generation Training Center at the time…so I thought he was a little annoying at first. Turns out he was flirting I guess haha! –Natasha T.
  4.  Rebekah Hall (one of my best friends in college) married Jeremy Hall. At the wedding, all the Vision guys thought it would be a great idea for me to meet their friend Phil. Turns out it was! We met the next Valentines Day thanks to Mark Coffey. –Lori B.
  5. I actually don’t recall when I met him.  I was 8, and he was 12 when he first started going to my church. The first time I thought of him other than a big brother was when I worked for him in children’s church almost 8 years later… –Amy C.
  6. We met on a blind date, through a mutual friend, while he was on a 2 week leave from Iraq. I didn’t know at the time, but the friend had told Stephen that he was dating me (SO not the case!). After Stephen got home from Iraq, he picked me up for a date, and less than a year later, we were married! –Ashlee U.
  7. Met him when he first came to Vision, and wanted nothing to do with him. After getting over my deep seeded hatred for him I realized he wasn’t so bad. We started talking when I started going to the training center, and were married a year later. –Hannah S.
  8. We met on the sand volleyball court in college. I kept wondering why he was missing the ball so much…he later confessed it was because he was “distracted” –Heather M.
  9. We met in Peru, became best friends and were married a year and 3 months later. –Gretchen
  10. We met in Peru but I don’t remember him AT ALL! We met again at the training center and became best friends. –Rebel H.
  11. Met my husband when he got of the plane after landing in South Africa for the first time. I thought he looked like Superman, and today he is my true HERO! –Corli H.
  12. Met at work and married 4 months later! Didn’t know his last name on our first date! Only knew he had gotten saved a few months before! I made up a last name so my mom would let me go.  Turned out to be the wrong last name! Lol –Sandy R.
  13.  I was 14, and sitting in the parking lot at church 🙂 Kevin pulled up in his red pick up truck! thought he was the most handsome guy I had ever seen! But we didn’t date until I was 19. –Beth W.
  14. I went to an orientation week with our mission board to see what options there were for me in missions. He was there and planning to leave as a single missionary for language school within a few months. He put things on hold and we were married 6 months later. –Rebecca S.
  15. Ben and I were in the training center together.  Our first conversation was started after he messaged me on facebook. He got my phone number from facebook, then started texting me. At first I thought he was a stalker.  🙂 I fell head over heels for him and his love for Jesus and missions. We were married 10 months later. –Crystal J.
  16. I met Jeff my first week at college. His room mate was after my sister so we always ended up being a foursome.  It took a couple years to get us together but the Lord worked it all out. –Mindy B.
  17. Met Tony at college. Thought he was cocky. Had a friend tell me he liked me and I was like yeah right.  Same day I met him, he was at a game room that night 45 minutes before my friend and I got there. 🙂 First date was church. Two weeks after dating, he told me we were going to get married. Dated a year and 6 days later got married! –Stacey H.
  18. Met Robert for the first time in the lobby at Vision. I thought he should have gone back to Ohio at first. Glad he changed my mind. 10 months from meeting to marriage. –Kelli C.
  19. Trent and I knew each other at college. My roommate liked him and always got his lunch plate and saved him a seat. Always found that funny! I think the fact I did not do that helped me in the long run. –Steph C.
  20. We met at a missions conference that I was at with another guy.  Started “talking” while we worked together at bcwe camp. –Holly P.
  21. I met David in Peru, but we didn’t get together until about 3 years later when he was finishing up at the training center. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have wasted those three years. –Beth G.
  22. We me in our youth group when we were young teens. We became sweethearts back then and have been together ever since. –Sherry W.
  23. A mutual friend’s mom invited us both over for dinner. We both felt like there was something there. 🙂 Soon after he sent me a letter that basically started our relationship while I was in college. The funny thing is he wrote the address completely wrong. Even the wrong city. BUT it still ended up right in mailbox. 10 months later we were married! –Jillian
  24. Jim and I started talking after a recommendation from his mom. Engaged one month later and married 8 months after that. My life has been fast paced and exciting ever since! –Autumn R.
  25. When I was a sophomore at Bible college, I decided to assess who was the most amazing guy on campus. It wasn’t a difficult decision. In my eyes, Travis stood head and shoulders above all the others, in looks and character. Eight months later, he asked me out on our first date. We were married 18 months later. –Teri S.
  26. Jeremy and I met in Peru. He was leading a short term mission group and I came with a medical mission team from PCC in FL and we “happened” to bump into each other at the Staley’s home in Arequipa:) Due to his incredible persistence we got engaged 6 months later and married 5 months after that. –Rebekah H.

These were all fun to read, but the WBTS favorite was #12, Mrs. Sandy Roberts!! 🙂



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