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I just wanted to talk a little bit about camp ministries today. I wonder how many of our readers have made a life changing decision at a Christian youth camp?  I have been blessed to witness first hand the effects of godly people investing in the life of my husband through a camp ministry. At the age of 24, Jeremy was invited to attend the OG Camp (hosted by Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, Ga). God used that contained atmosphere of constant teaching and godly influences to speak to his heart about becoming a full time missionary. And here we are, hoping to see the Lord change the direction and purpose of young lives here in South Africa as well!

I am so excited to see some of the young girls in our ministry here have that very same opportunity!

img_0665First, I would like you to meet Thuliswe. This sweet girl has been faithfully attending our church since day one. She recently accepted Christ at a Neighborhood Bible Time and loves helping out in our children’s ministries. Thuli has a strong, stubborn spirit that I pray will be used to do great things for the Lord. She is 13 years old and very soon will be graduating from middle school, which she is very excited about! Thuli attended our camp last year and is very excited about joining us again in December.



img_1945Next, I would like for you to meet Mihle. She and Thuli are the best of friends, practically joined at the hip;) Mihle is 13 years old and lives with relatives, but every so often is able to visit her mom who lives in a different part of town. This girl. Wow, she is so full of questions. At the end of every Bible study we have together, I can count on her raising her hand with a question. She is constantly testing my Xhosa language abilities;) Mihle was saved several years ago and has also been faithful to almost every event at our church. She attended our camp last year and is so excited about this year’s camp.

img_1944Meet the third musketeer, Zikhona. While the others straggle in, she is always the first to show up and the last to leave. She is my right hand at church, whether it is teaching a class, passing out food or on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor, she is right there and all business;) Zikhona was also saved about 2 years ago and is growing so much. I am so thankful for her willing spirit and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses her!

Thank you for letting me introduce you to some of our girls here at Soweto Baptist Church. If you would like more information about the camp or would like to donate and help some of these young ladies attend this year,  you can visit this website But most of all, we ask for your prayers. Prayers that these young ladies and others like them will remain faithful and grow in the Lord. These are hopefully and prayerfully our future sunday school teachers, pastor’s wives, and strong Christian leaders in their families and communities!

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