What is a mentor and how do you find one? I’m going to share with you what mentors look like in my life. Not saying this the only way, this is just how it looks for me.

When my husband asked me about this post, he asked me who my mentor was. I replied with I don’t have one. He then asked why I was writing on that topic. 🙂 but the truth is I don’t have one, I have many mentors. Ladies in my life who I love and learn from everyday. So how do you choose a mentor?

Honestly if you looked at your life right now, you probably already have mentors and didn’t even realize it. I didn’t go out one day and say “I choose, you, you and… You. Mentor me.”

1. Choose someone you love and respect

My mentors are people God has placed in my life. These are ladies who I spend time with. They are NOT someone I meet with once a week, they tell me things I need to fix in my life, and I don’t see them again until the following week. These are ladies I love and respect, and they are my friends. You are going to take criticism, encouragement, and help more seriously from someone who is close to you, than from a random person.

2. What age should they be?

I don’t know, I just know the ladies I learn from in my life are all ages.

Sandy Roberts and Betty Gardner are like second mamas to me. They are ladies who have been a missionary wife, a preacher’s wife and Mrs.Sandy is now a missionary wife again. They are a mother and a grandmother. I love and respect them both, and I learn from them whenever I am around. If we are in churches together I watch how they interact with everyone, how they carry themselves, and how they treat their husband. The amount of things I can learn from them are endless.

Beth de Los reyes is a friend of mine (the same age) who just got married. She and her husband are on deputation. From the first time I met her I wanted to be her friend. She has that personality that if you don’t like her, there’s something wrong with you. 🙂
Although Beth and I are essentially at very similar stages in life, but I learn from her all the time. Her love for the Lord and for his word are evident in all she does. It makes me strive to love the Lord more and encourages me to further my walk with Him.

3. Do they have to be in ministry?

I don’t believe that a mentor can only be a lady in full time ministry. I do believe she should be a Christian of like minded faith. I have met plenty of amazing “lay” ladies on deputation who I learn from.
At one missions conference in particular we really hit it off with a family. Whenever we are traveling through they offer their home to us. They have eight kids from the ages of 4 all the way up to 22. Their family is very involved at church. Melinda home schools, and does a ton of cooking from scratch. Just about every time we go there I learn something new, whether a new gluten free recipe, or a way to make home made lotion. They have become good friends of ours and we love every opportunity we get to see them!

On top of that there are many ladies at my home church that I admire and learn from. Watch the ladies when there is an event at your church, see the food they bring, how the help set up, and how they interact with everyone. Always be looking for opportunities to learn.

4. Don’t ignore the obvious

Most likely you have mentors that are right in front of you, in your everyday life.
By far the person I have learned the most from, is my mom. She is my mom, my best friend and a mentor. She taught me to love the Lord. I saw her when my baby sister was screaming and we got pulled over on the way home from grandmoms. Having younger siblings I got to see her be a mom, besides her being my mom. I learned how to change diapers and give bottles, I learned how to be a wife, how to cook, how to read my bible, how to pay bills, and the list goes on and on.
I love my mom very much, and am very thankful for all she has taught me!

I have so many other mentors that I don’t have time to name. I respect, love and learn from every lady on our missions team!
God has placed our mentors in our lives for a reason.
Who are you learning from today?

With Love,

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