Obstacles? No Problem

The goal seemed out of reach. I knew it would be met some day — I just didn’t have the exact date. As Director of Development for the Miami Valley Women’s Center, it was my job to present our ministry to potential donors and raise the funding for our annual budget and special projects. I jokingly referred to my position as “Chief Money Beggar.”

All kidding aside, we were three years into a fund-raising campaign for a new facility. We had outgrown our 1500 square foot building and were in desperate need of more space. While there was plenty of interest in this project, it seemed like we were scaling a mountain one inch at a time. We continued to pray.

Our annual Walk for Life had raised awareness about the need and promised additional funding toward the goal — but we were still several thousand dollars short.

That’s when the call came. My husband got a job offer he couldn’t refuse. We would be moving in a matter of weeks. My time at the Center was coming to an end, and yet I felt obligated to finish what I’d started: raising the funding for the new facility. But how?

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Where I saw insurmountable obstacles, God created a path. He opened the hearts of donors to what He was accomplishing in the lives of women through the ministry of the Center.

Within weeks we had the money necessary to purchase a new facility.

I couldn’t believe how God orchestrated every detail. He had allowed me to complete the task I felt called to when I joined the Center staff. Three months after my family and I moved, the Center purchased, debt-free, a former medical clinic with 7700 square feet of space. God’s timing and plan were perfect!


Can you relate to this story?

Throughout history God has proven His faithfulness. Remember Nehemiah? He was king Artaxerxes’ cup bearer. I’m sure his position afforded him much comfort. But  when he heard about the Jews living in great distress in Jerusalem, he was so burdened, he prayed to the Lord for an opportunity to approach the king.

His desire? To leave the comforts of the palace, travel to Jerusalem, and help his fellow Jews rebuild the city walls that had been broken down and repair the gates that had been burned with fire. The king granted his request.

But there were obstacles that threatened to derail Nehemiah’s project. Opposition from surrounding nations who didn’t want the Jews to rebuild their city walls. What could be done? It would be so easy to give up in defeat.

Nehemiah demonstrated faith in the Lord and answered his enemies: “The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build:” (Nehemiah 2:20; KJV). But the opposition escalated — moving from mere threats to mobilizing an army to fight.

Nehemiah’s response? He reminded the Jews of God’s greatness and commissioned half of them to guard the wall against the enemies while the others continued to build.

In spite of a difficult situation with insurmountable odds, the Lord provided the victory. The Jews were able to complete the city walls in 52 days. That’s right! Only 52 days. God’s timing and plan has always been perfect.


What task have you been called to do? Don’t be surprised when obstacles arise. Look to the Lord, trust His faithfulness, and know that His purpose will be accomplished.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your work. Forgive me when I don’t trust you. Help me stay focused on you when obstacles seem to block my progress. Thank you for being faithful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Because of Him,





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    1. Loved this post. We need to look at obstacles as more of the norm for our lives. Then we’d be more apt to think of solutions, instead of letting them stop us.

      1. Thanks so much for stopping by Anne! Great observation: “We need to look at obstacles as more of the norm for our lives.” It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Keeps us focused on the Father doesn’t it?! God bless~

      1. Great to see you here Alene! Nehemiah certainly had a heart for his people. Praying God gives us eyes to see the hurting like He does! Have a blessed week~

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