OG Summit Testimonies- Day 2

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Here is our second set of Testimonies. The first is from one of the writers on WBTS, Amber Taube, Missionary to India.


I attended my first (of 4) Summit retreats as a newly engaged girl to the man of my dreams and aspiring missionary. The world of missions was mostly unknown to me, and I was more than a little overwhelmed by the uncertainty of it all. However, God used the Summit to calm my anxious heart through the testimonies of missionary wives that were living out partnership in ministry with their husbands. I saw that these missionary wives were not super-human but rather ordinary women depending on an amazing God… Just like me! And what was truly amazing is that God was using these ladies in their respective ministries, and I left encouraged and hopeful that He would use me too.

Through each Summit gathering, God has grown my love for the world and my desire to see it reached in my generation; He has deepened my relationships with friends in the ministry; and He has allowed me to influence others for the sake of the gospel around the world.

I would encourage anyone (no matter age, career, or marital status) with a desire to serve God at maximum capacity to attend this wonderful event. I can confidently assure that you will leave challenged but encouraged, burdened but inspired, desiring to reach the world but depending on our amazing God to use your life in ways only He can!

I’m looking forward to all I will learn at my 5th Summit, and I hope to see many WBTS readers there!


Ashlee Underwood, Missionary to South AfricaĀ 

I had only been saved for two years when I attended my first Our Generation Summit. I didn’t know what God had planned for the next step in my new life. After spending the three days there, my eyes and heart were opened to the calling of missions. Ever since that first Summit, my husband and I have prayed about surrendering our lives and going to the mission field. Fast forward three years later; we will begin deputation, to raise our support, in January to serve on the field in South Africa!
Ashlee Underwood


I have known Jordan since she was 3 years old. Just a week ago I had theĀ privilegeĀ of going to her sweet 16. It is so neat to see Jordan growing up and becoming such a godly young lady, who wants to serve Christ with her life.

Jordan Cooke, Missionary with her family to Colombia

I’ve been going to the Summit since 2007. I started off in the kid’s class, listening to missionary wives tell stories about the countries where they live. Those stories have been very challenging to me, because I have always loved the thought of one day being a missionary wife telling a group of children my story. As I have gotten older and talked to some of these ladies, I try putting myself in their place, in their shoes, and in their struggles. God has been working in my life, using these things to prepare me to surrender to whatever He has for my life. Earlier this year at the OG Camp, I signed the Volunteer Pledge. By signing this pledge, I told God that unless He has other plans for me, I’ve switched my status from stay to GO!
Jordan Cooke


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    1. Ashlee I am so excited for you and was so encouraged to hear how God worked in your life so soon after being saved! You are a wonderful momma and know you will make an amazing missionary wife!

      Jordan, you are such a blessing! Thanks for sharing your testimony. Can’t wait to see how God uses your surrendered life!

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