OG Summit Testimonies- Day 3

Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! 🙂 We have came to the last day of testimonies, as well as the last day to enter the giveaway. The giveaway will end tonight at midnight, so make sure you get your entries in before then! 🙂

The first testimony is from a girl who attended the summit last year, and is now engaged and will soon be married, to a man she met there.


Soon to be Missionary to Burkina Faso
I was already headed into missions when I attended the Summit. However, I was going through a spiritual dry spell at the time; so I attended the conference in hopes that my zeal for the Lord would return. In those three days, what stood out to me the most was not so much the need for missions, (I was already well aware of that!) but who God is and how He is so very worthy of our all. I could look around and be encouraged to know that I was surrounded by people who also loved God and wanted to serve Him! My soul was convicted, encouraged and blessed that week.

Attended Summit 2013
Well, I would say the summit gave me a place that I can go where EVERYONE is in love with missions. Many people today in churches nationwide just give their money and not much else to missions. People at the summit are and were willing to give their children, their homes, their jobs, and their lives to the cause of Christ world-wide. If they are not going to the field, they are supporting the ones on the field. Since I am so involved with missions on a daily basis, I work in my churches missions office, it is great to have a retreat where you are not “crazy” for loving missions. Also the Summit is a place for me where I am able to meet more missionaries and be able to learn more ways to be able to encourage them better. Needless to say, I LOVE THE SUMMIT. Biggest thing is that if I hadn’t come to last years summit, I might not of come to their camp in May, and that is where I finally settled my salvation after 15 years of doubt!
-Amaris Newbill

Attended Summit 2013
The summit changed my life. It’s the first place I realized what true worship looked like and where God called me to missions!

Missionary to Peru
My whole family attended our first OG Summit in 2010. I had already surrendered my life to The Lord, but He had been working on my heart about missions. During the last evening session we were able to go pray with a missionary, and I went and prayed with Beth White, missionary to Bolivia. (Who I later went to visit) Praying there I surrendered my life to missions. Even if you don’t want to be a missionary the summit is a great place to come and fellowship with other believers who have a passion to see the world reached with the gospel!
-Hannah Shreve




We hope you all have enjoyed the testimonies this week! We are very excited about the upcoming Summit, and hope to see you there! 🙂

The Ladies of WBTS

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