Photo Blogging: Orientation Week!

Orientation week for our missionaries is seriously one of the funnest weeks of the year!  It’s like teen camp for our missionaries! We are very thankful for the family atmosphere our group provides.  It’s a fun time to get together and encourage one another as we serve the Lord together!  Enjoy a few pictures of our week:

The missionary wives were blessed to hear Mrs. Sandy Roberts teach on being a servant, deputation and keeping a close walk with the Lord.  And yes, we love coffee as you can see!
We are happy to have the future missionaries with us at orientation each year! Caitlyn (left) is from Ohio and doing post graduate work in the Our Generation Training Center. Courtney (right) is in her first year as a Training Center student.


It’s a great time to catch up with friends we don’t often get to see outside of mission’s conferences! Bethlehem de los Reyes (China), Faith Turpin (Indonesia) and Lina Cooke (Colombia)….and of course little Eden Valor!


It’s an extra blessing when we get to have a veteran missionary home from the field to share life experiences!  Beth White (Bolivia) taught an excellent class on Women’s and Children’s Ministry. Lauryn Carpenter (middle) is a church planter’s  wife in Atlanta and Nancy Bloom (right) is on her way to China with her husband.


The missionary kids have a blast getting to spend lots of time together. We are so thankful for those who help with the kids! Their shirts say, “Helping Daddy and Mommy as they go to the Regions Beyond”   II Cor. 10:16


And of course there’s always time for some shopping fun during the week!  Yeah, I don’t know that Ross Dress for Less has every seen so many women in their store at one time getting a selfie!


The hardest part is that all of our children become such good friends and by the end of the week they are crying because they don’t want to leave. It hits home when we realize that many of them will be growing up on various sides of the world, but they will always carry with them this special bond. They are MK’s and though they may not see each other often, they always pick up where they left off.  This is Savannah Bateman (Argentina) and Zaida Sparks (Chile).

We as a missionary team are very thankful for those who have invested in us to do more for the Lord for His honor and glory.   Ladies like Sandy Roberts and Betty Gardner who share from their heart from personal experience on the mission field.  We are thankful that we have these ladies in our lives who not only teach a lesson, but live by example.


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    1. I had such a wonderful time! So glad we go to be a part! So glad our children had such a good time together!!

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