Our First Love…..First


Jesus Christ is not valued at all until He is valued above all.”



As I walked through the grocery aisle,  checking off items in my “mental list” of things to get, my thoughts were brought to a halt when I saw the display of Christmas decorations.  I stood to admire the beauty of these decorations,  and as my thoughts drifted to all things Christmas, my grocery list involuntarily changed into a “Christmas gift”  list instead.   I love giving to my loved ones and my thoughts were now engaged in finding thoughtful gifts as apposed to buying groceries.  I noticed that time was passing by and tried to shift my concentration back to the grocery list. I have become completely  distracted from what I came to do in the first place.

Fortunately I re-gained focus and not only did I leave with everything I needed to get, I left thinking about the importance of keeping the right focus in the not-so-mundane things of life.  As missionary wives we will soon be distracted from our real purpose of serving if we do not keep our focus where it really needs to be.

Faithfulness to our “First Love”

I love my husband more than words can describe.  I have a deep desire to complete him. I want to be a crown to my husband (Proverbs 12:4)  I want to succeed at the plan that God has given me as a wife, which is to follow and support my husband,  and have consequently followed him to serve in some of the most dangerous and difficult places to reach with the “true” Gospel, in South Africa.

So then……is our love for our husbands and  our determination to submit the main reason why we follow them to the field ? Well, these are certainly important and have their rightful place,  but it is not the main reason.  Why do  we leave behind that what is most precious and familiar to us? Why do we endure the “trail” of language school? Why do we persevere through culture shock? Why do we keep on laboring  when it requires  the last ounce of energy we have left?  The reason is:    Jesus.      My love for my husband might compel me to go, but it is the love of Christ that constrains me to stay and be  faithful to Him, my First Love. 

(When my heart is tender toward Jesus,  I will be eager to submit to His plan of following my husband to.)

Jesus is worthy

Your life on the field will, no doubt, occupy trials and disappointment,  but when we consider the price that was paid that we may have life and life everlasting, when we consider the sacrifice made, we should be willing to put our own desires to the side and say:” Here am I Lord, send me” (Or in my case:  “Yes, Lord I’m willing to stay”)

As much as I want to do right by my husband, my wants are not enough to fuel the needed  commitment to the mission field, but behold, when I turn my eyes upon Jesus, my Redeemer, my First Love, I am compelled to surrender, serve and stay,  and be used of Him in which ever way He sees fit,  for He is worthy!

Jesus  our purpose

We need to stay conscientious  of the fact that we are on the field (or going to the field), because of JesusHe is our purpose and  our motivation, .  If I’m merely dragging after my husband, dreading the ministry that he has “thrown”us into, but following because I don’t want to be unsubmissive,  I will more than likely  struggle to keep the right attitude and lose sight of who I really need to be serving. If  my main focus is just  following my husband, my motivation can change with every obstacle and hardship that come our way.  My focus has to be Jesus first,  then the rest can fall into place.  There are billions in this world who do not know Jesus. You have been granted the opportunity to share His love in whichever  field you are ministering in.  It is not easy, but His grace will see us through.  Regard this opportunity to serve as the privilege it really is.   Think back upon your “First Love” today,  and  share His Gospel Message with eagerness and with gratitude for  all He has done for you.


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