Pas de Problème

“Pas de problème” (pronounced pah-duh-probe-lem or at least close to that) means simply, “No problem, ” in the French language.  It is the phrase I kept hearing over and over again when my husband recently called the assistant pastor he left in charge when we left Burkina Faso, West Africa for a six month furlough.

My husband turned the speaker phone on to hear better, never dreaming that the one phrase Pastor Justin kept repeating over and over would bring conviction to my heart as I worked in the house.  My husband , for instance,  would ask him to go take care of paperwork at an office across town, and without hesitation, Pastor Justin said, “Pas de problème!” The conversation continued in a similar fashion. My husband would ask the pastor to pay a bill, run an errand,  check on a building project, organize a pastor’s meeting, and so on. The list went on and on! It was long! I couldn’t help thinking Pastor Justin would say, “No, I don’t have time for that,” but EVERY request was met with the same response.  “Pas de problème!

I began to think of times my husband asked a favor of ME, and I said I was too busy. Other times, I did what he asked, but I rolled my eyes or made a face to express the displeasure I knew I shouldn’t voice.  (Such gestures are equally unappreciated.)  Many times, I get involved with MY plans and forget that I am given to my husband as HIS helpmeet!  He is not an inconvenience but the reason I am here.  I should help him with the same zeal that Pastor Justin displayed every time he enthusiastically responded to each new instruction. Please don’t misunderstand. I love serving beside my husband on the mission field, but there are times that service to him, others, and ultimately to God calls me to do things that are NOT convenient at that particular moment. I may even be asked to do something that takes me out of my “comfort zone.”  My flesh wants to say, “I can’t because….” My spirit should scream, “PAS DE PROBLEME!”

I have contemplated this “no problem” type of attitude and realized that the attitude we have in serving our husbands, children, and others reflects our attitude towards our Lord. He is the one who asks us to serve others and not ourselves.

Many people choose to ignore God’s instructions. Others obey because they feel obligated but not with a happy heart. They are like a child who obeys his mother but stomps off with a snarl on his face to do what she asks. I would think that our heavenly Father would prefer a “Pas de problème” from His children.

Is God asking you to do something today that you don’t feel like doing? It could be a simple task that just isn’t on your current “to do list” so it seems inconvenient.  It could be a new path of service that you just feel unsure of walking in. If we could remember that each step of obedience is a golden opportunity to serve the One who gave His best for us, and that He will never ask more of us than we are capable of, then we can enthusiastically serve our Lord with a happy heart!







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    1. Just what I needed today. My dear husband and I have been taking care of his parents for almost a year and we are both already both very busy with our ministries at a Christian College. This is an extremely busy time of year for us and lately there have been times I have wanted to just say “No” – this was just what I needed today. “I can do all things through Christ (and for/with my dear husband) who strengthens me.” Thanks!

    2. great post girl! i know so many times i’m so unwilling to do things just because it isn’t convenient at the time!

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