Photo Blog: From the Missionary Kid’s Perspective

This week we are focusing on our very special MKs (missionary kids). Sometimes I forget what it is like to see missionary life through the eyes of a child. So here is a photo blog that we have put together to show you all a little bit of everyday life for our kids overseas and on deputation. Capturing the wonderful new things they experience; new friends, new foods, new languages and awesome adventures, the real life joys and struggles. We hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with our little cuties on deputation and furlough. Missionaries use their deputation time to raise funds for ministry and life on the field and furlough to visit supporting churches to inform them about ministries in their various countries. This is a great time for our kids to meet new friends, visit new places and spend LOTS of quality time with mom and dad in the car;)


  1.  Neyland Underwood at his first church on deputation.
  2.  Peyton and Eli Underwood (we missionary mommies pray for good car sleepers!)
  3.  Peyton Underwood praying with Daddy (Stephen Underwood- South Africa).
  4.  Hayden Velasquez (Spain) taking a rest while traveling on furlough.
  5.  Late night check-in with Ian King (South Africa).
  6.  Caleb Shumaker (Burkina Faso) helping mom and dad set up the display table at a church on furlough.


And now a few from some MKs on the field….

New ways to get from here to there: 



1. Ian Walz riding a scooter in Taiwan with a helmet and mask to protect his head and lungs.
2. Atlas and Journey Hill taking a ride in the “baby car” at their daycare in Japan.
3. Elijah and Ali Grace Roberts riding a camel in India.
4. Judson and Norah waving down a taxi in Tunisia.
5. The traditional way to carry babies in Nepal (Shepherd Taube).


New Styles:



  1.  Ali Grace Roberts wearing a traditional Indian sari.
  2.  Chloe Gardner wearing a traditional Peruvian dress during a school program.
  3.  Emilee Coffey in a Xhosa head covering.
  4.  Meredith Shumaker getting their hair braided by friends in Burkina Faso.
  5. Jolynn Taube dressed up Nepali style.


New Friends:


  1. Chloe and Ali Gardner making new friends in Peru.
  2.  Ava Tolson with her friends on a school trip in China.
  3. Piper Henry and friends at church in Argentina.
  4. Claire Bassham and a friend at a Buddhist funeral in Thailand.
  5. Elijah Roberts making new friends in India:)


New Foods:


  1. Ella Tolson with her breakfast on-the-go, Chinese pancakes with red bean filling.
  2. Claire Bassham getting ready to eat a whole fish in Thailand.
  3.  Ava, Skyla and Ella Tolson eating dinner on the Chinese kàng (a hot brick bed).
  4.   Ian Velasquez eating Roscón de Reyes (three kings bread) at Christmas time in Spain.
  5.   Lily Henry learning to make Argentine Empenadas.


Helping Dad and Mom in the ministry:


  1.  Olivia Hall and Addison Coffey helping make lunch at camp in South Africa.
  2.  Tyler Ellis teaching teens at youth camp (South Africa).
  3.  The Velasquez kids helping in the music ministry (Spain).


Whether coming or going, saying good-bye is never easy….


1.& 2. Lily and Piper Henry saying goodbye to friends and family before heading to Argentina.

3. Brayden Hall holding a farewell sign that his Peruvian family made.


But we are so thankful for modern technology!


  1. Elijah and Ali Roberts facetiming with family all the way from India.
  2. Journey Hill giving kisses to grandma and grandpa from Japan.


Thank you for joining us on this journey into the life of a missionary kid. We hope you enjoyed it! 


Your Missionary Mommies





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