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When moving our families over seas, finishing up furloughs, and taking trips to/from America, we missionary women become pretty expert packers (just look how I fit that newborn baby in my carry-on!).

We make lists, semi-organized piles, and plan as well as we can.


We pack, pitch, and prioritize.


We even goof off a little.


We make sure to clip coupons and stock-up on our favorites. *Zipblog bags for days…*


We make a mess of our childhood homes while our parents smile and try to encourage us in our efforts to leave them…again. Or we trash the place provided for our short stay and long shopping trips.


We forget a lot of things and feel like we are losing our minds, but we have cute little helpers to melt the stress away. And by helpers, we mean little tornadoes and expert mess makers. Exhibit A:


And B…


Eventually, we run out of time and have to throw our stack of stuff onto a truck, then onto an airplane, and, finally, on the floor of our new home.


Then, the real work comes. Unpacking. But maybe we should find some furniture first.


And to think, that was the easy part! Now we have to learn languages, start churches, train nationals. Phew! At least we will have chocolates, BBQ sauce, and well-dressed children!

Please pray for the missionaries you know who may be moving overseas or returning after a furlough. Living on the other side of the world requires a lot more preparation than just packing, and we are dependent on God to do a major work in our lives, in the lives of our children, and in the lives of the family we leave behind.

We pack up our fears and faults and take them with us. We step out on faith because there’s nothing solid to stand on. We don’t become superheroes when we step on international soil. The miracles God will perform in us are yet to take the stage. We hold in our hands the only things we own, and hold our breath as we wait to see what He will do with what little we have to offer. Packing is the easy part. The best (and worst) is yet to come. 


Have you made a big move? Share your experiences and pictures with us!





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  • 2 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Packing for an International Move

    1. Thanks for the photos Ms. Amber! They help make the concept of an international move more understandable (still overwhelming, but tangible).

      1. Overwhelming is definitely the word! Glad we could shed some light on this huge task for you! Thanks for writing!

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