Photo Blogging: The People We Love

Our missionary ladies all over the world are sharing Christ with other ladies every day and teaching them how to serve Christ through life on life discipleship!  This is missions — giving the light of the Gospel to those still in darkness so that they too may live an abundant life in Christ.  Today’s photo blog features the people around the world, the people we have grown to love and the friends we have made.


Mrs. Sandy Roberts visiting with Das’ mom in India. She loves to have them in her one room home. She’s always smiling.


Amy Coffey, South Africa


Natasha Tolson, China


Beth White, Bolivia


Amber Taube — Trying to keep babies quiet during church service in Nepal – not an easy thing to do!


Rebekah Hall — First Sunday school class at Soweta Baptist Church in South Africa


Mrs. Sandy Roberts with some beautiful ladies from India


Rebecca Schumaker, Burkina Faso — The lady standing next to her is now the pastor’s wife


Autumn Roberts with some ladies after discipleship and training in Northern India


Beth White, Bolivia


Natasha Tolson and Crystal Johnson, China enjoying a meal with Chinese believers
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