Photoblogging: Oh, the Places We Go!

We aren’t tourists. We are missionaries. We have moved our families to the other side of the world to share the gospel with those who have not heard. Most of the time, our lives are not glamorous. But sometimes, we get to see some very special and beautiful places and experience things many people never will.

One of us walks the streets in North Africa, finding all kinds of hidden gems as she goes.


Beth and her babes got to visit Cristo de la concordia in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Kids from India and China met for a missionary retreat in the beautiful Taiwan and got to see some extra eye-catching architecture!


Speaking of beautiful architecture, I bet these two don’t even know how amazing the things they see on a daily basis truly are!


Friends Amy and Holly caught this epic picture adventuring in South Africa.


She didn’t get to stay the night, but one of our writers got a peek into this hotel made entirely out of salt in the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia. WHAT.


Does this make you wanna hop on a plane and jet-set to one of these amazing places?

After you pick your jaw up off the floor, head on over to Expedia and book your tickets. We happen to know SEVERAL missionary families who could use some encouraging and helpful visitors.

And you might just see a few wonders of the world while you’re at it.

At the very least, you can pick up some of these in North Africa (like women need an excuse to go shoe shopping).
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For us, most days are pretty normal and not too much to write home about. But some days, some days…are something else. Pictures don’t do justice the things we get to see and the people we get to meet.

Missions, though it comes with some pretty heavy challenges, also comes with some great opportunities. We pray that the Lord will open our eyes to the beauty around us, but more importantly, that we would love the people He loves that are less than lovely and live for the things that matter to Him, pushing through the ugly days of dark, drought, and doubt.

Beholding Him in all His goodness. Enjoying His Creation in all its majesty.




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    1. Such fun photos! Thanks for sharing some of your adventures with us. I am glad that our missionaries get to experience beauty during their sacrifice.

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