Planned Pathways

When I was in my Senior year of high school, I had many decisions to make that would shape the foundation of my future. Where to go to college, to live at home or in an apartment, to work the summer to earn money or spend it working at camps as a counselor? I felt like the world awaited me just beyond the summer horizon, and it weighed heavily on my mind.

I traveled to Indiana to check out a college–I liked it; it seemed to fit what I was looking for, it was an adventure, and I knew I wanted something exciting to start my life as an adult off with. I came home, filled out my application and my mind began building the dreams of what it would be like. Then, just as the application was on its way, an opportunity presented itself for me to go to a camp. Seemed harmless enough, so I packed up for a week, and went with the mindset that this would be a fun escape before I headed off to college.

The camp was B.C.W.E (Baptist Camp for World Evangelism) and by the end of that week, my status had changed from “I’ll be attending college in Indiana in the Fall” to, “I’m a student at the Baptist College for World Evangelism!” Obviously, there were some changes in my heart that week, and God allowed me to go through a different door, despite my foot already being through the thresh hold of another.

But the Plans and Doors that changed didnt stop there. My intentions then became: I am going to the foreign field. As I sit here writing, I am not in a far away land…I’m actually sitting on my bedroom floor in Atlanta Georgia. I am not a missionary, though my heart and my plans were laid out for me to be. If you would have told me what my life now would consist of 8 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the way my plans, doors and opportunities morphed and flowed over the past few years.

Sometimes we lay out a plan: one year, five year, ten year etc. and have goals that we’d like to accomplish. One day, I’d like to poll people to find out just how many of them stuck to that exact plan and ended up where they originally set out to go– I’d dare say, a good majority of people never do. That doesnt mean the original plan was wrong, or the final destination was a mistake, sometimes its just that “God’s ways are not our ways.”

I didnt envision myself being the Neurosurgical Coordinator for a surgeon in a Georgia hospital. I wouldnt have imagined the path it took to have the miracle babies my husband and I cherish. I didnt see myself being a “Sender” in a local church  that runs a training center for missions…I had never even considered those scenarios.

Yet here I am. In my sweet house with creaky floors, writing on a blog that I am honored to be a part of, thrilled to have my friends staying with us before they leave as missionaries (to India), after spending the day traveling to see the newest baby and his family (missionaries to Asia), getting ready to be up several times with my insomniac six month old before heading out to work in the morning, while preparing the nursery schedule for Thursday night and checking my phone to see what time it is in Barcelona so I can send my friend a message and not worry about waking her up too early to chat. I just didnt plan on this, but I wouldnt change a thing.

Maybe you arent where you planned that you’d be either. Maybe the place you are has you further away from Gods plan than you meant to be; somewhere along the way, you chose a path that wasnt part of Gods plan–Its not too late, God lets you change paths at a moments notice.

Maybe you are somewhere you never dreamt of being, but now find yourself joyfully serving in the middle of God’s blessings; isnt it amazing? Our own plans can be so boring sometimes 🙂

Take a look back at those old “Throw Back” plans of yours. Are you where you thought you’d be? (Probably not) But is where you are right now a place that glorifies the Lord, brings others to Him and shines light on all that He’s done in your life? If it is, Praise His name! What a privilege to serve Him, and chuckle at where He brought you despite of your own “plans”. If its not–Start taking those steps today, you’ll be amazed at where He’ll take you.

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    1. When I was young, I studied France and always dreamed of one day being able to visit Paris. I knew God was calling me to be willing to be a missionary at age seventeen. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed I would end up in Spain, near France, get to go to Paris three times, learn Spanish, and have a thirty-year ministry with multi-national people. It has been wonderful, with many blessings along the way.

    2. It’s so true that our plans are often not the same as God’s plan. I had many of my own plans, but then I developed a chronic illness that totally changed all of that. Even though it’s not easy and my plans would have been a whole lot more fun, I know that where I’m at right now is glorifying God way more than where I had planned to be!

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