Prayer Tips for Praying for the Muslim World.

Sometimes it is good to step back and see the world from someone else’s eyes in order to find understanding of what is in the heart of people we love dearly. I believe it opens doors for us to be more Christ-like when we can better understand our brothers and sisters from a background different than our own. Through the following post you can read and strive to relate to Fatima, a former Muslim turned Atheist whose destiny has been changed by calvary’s love. Now as a born-again Christ follower she would like to share with you her prayers for the Muslim world. Maybe as you speak prayers for your own country you would consider her requests and pray for the Muslim lands of our world.

Grace and peace to all who read this. My name is Fatima, I am a 25 year old North African woman. I grew up in a nominal Muslim family. God saved me after leading me through a path full of research and study. First deciding that is Islam is not the truth and later acknowledging atheism was not possible. God made His truth so clear to me. He gave me freedom and delivered me from my sin.

I am encouraged to know that there are brothers and sisters reading this and praying on our behalf. I am humbled by this love. I would love to have other believers pray for these requests:

1. An important thing that I would like to ask the Christians of the world to pray about is that the Lord would enlighten the minds and the hearts of the rulers of the Islamic countries that they separate religion far from politics because we know how Islam influences politics!

2. I want Christians to pray for the leaders and pastors of the churches in the Muslim world. Please pray that the Lord would help them to trust the Lord and be the examples in the image of Christ in their lives and conduct.

3. Pray for the Muslim family members of believers that the Lord would enlighten their hearts and that the Lord would give the believers wisdom to know how to be examples and a light to them.

4. Pray to the Lord for the Islamic countries that they understand with us the truth of Christianity. With this, we can pray that evangelism would be legal.

5. I would love for you to pray for the Christian brothers and sisters from Muslim a background that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to focus on on Christ. It is important to pray for encouragement and boldness in the environment that might cause them to be weakened in their faith because of problems they might face.

What a comforting thought it is to a believer in a far country to know that her brothers and sisters are united in prayer. How encouraging it is to know a heavy burden is shared. I hope Fatima’s prayer requests will help give you an idea of how you can pray. We can use this window to see into the lives of believers who were raised Muslim all over the world. We see images and hear stories from these places in the media. We hear of all the turmoil. The struggle is obvious. We can pray. We pray to the God of the Universe.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;” Romans 12:12

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