Serving with Dignity

It had been a long Sunday of travel and meetings for deputation. I was tired, and so was everyone else. It was late, and we found ourselves looking for some quick dinner. The only option close by was the beloved Golden Arches *sarcasm* so we ran through the drive thru and headed back to the place we were staying. We had only been in the house for 1 minute before chaos broke loose. And by chaos, I mean an extra large sweet tea spilled all over the floor. As I rose from the table to clean up the mess, I somehow knocked a tray full of chicken nuggets AND 3 opened BBQ sauces onto the soggy floor. I stood there with BBQ sauce between my toes and a river of sweet tea running across the once-pristine floor of the prophets chamber we were staying in. I had 2 choices: laugh or cry. Thankfully, I chose laughter!

Motherhood has brought with it many scenarios like the one I described above. When things go crazy, we can choose to smile and serve or cry and give up.

The night I had sticky tea and sauce on my feet wasn’t one of my most glamorous moments, but it was still part of my calling as a wife and mom nonetheless.

After we announced the addition of a 4th baby to our family, one of my well-meaning relatives asked why I had even bothered to go to college. In her opinion, it seemed like a complete waste of time and money if all I was going to do was be a mom. I would never have a career in my field of education. I sensed her disapproval at my de-motion in life’s calling.

I will confess, in my selfishness, that I have wondered the same thing in the past. But, God’s word has shed a new light on my thinking. Having 4 young kids and traveling the country to raise support so our family can move to Japan and learn a new language and culture is a bit of an overwhelming thought at times. 🙂 I have sometimes wondered at how much easier all of this would be if we didn’t have children. We would be able to live out the missionary call much faster.

But motherhood is a high and holy calling.

After being a daughter of the King, and a wife to my precious husband, nothing I can ever aspire to do in life will matter more than being mommy to these 4 children.

And being a mom means being a servant. Living without recognition. Giving without receiving in return. Loving without always feeling loved. It’s not a life filled with glamor and dignity.


We look at Jesus. Unless we see His beautiful example of servant hood. Unless we realize that He came not to be ministered unto, but to minister and to give His life.

In John 13, we see His service to His disciples as He washed their feet just hours before His betrayal and death. The Bible says in John 13:1 that “He loved them unto the end.” He knew His death was near, but His love kept Him serving until the very end. Can you picture the powerful Creator of the Universe stooping to wash the filthy feet of mere mortal men? The feet… of His assassin? Seeing this picture of Christ, I can’t help but view His holiness, His dignity. He was God, robed in flesh. Nothing He could ever do would be base or trivial.

Jesus brings dignity to any task.

With Christ as our example, we are called to servant hood, as believers and as wives and mothers. We must guard our hearts and minds from the devil’s lie that some deeds of service are below our pay grade. Jesus washed feet! I can certainly change a dirty diaper, homeschool, or drive the van while my husband rests.

If we serve for Him…because of Him…in love for Him, we can bring the dignity back to motherhood. Back to marriage. Back to Christianity.

What is it that you’ve been avoiding because it seemed too small or insignificant? Have you been beaten down by the devil’s lie that what you’re doing in this stage of life doesn’t really matter? Have you neglected serving because it isn’t the glamorous life you imagined for yourself?

Let’s take on the role of a servant, pouring out our life for Christ and others. What a beautiful picture of the Gospel and how our precious Jesus poured His life out for us!

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  • 5 thoughts on “Serving with Dignity

    1. there is no higher calling than being a mom and raising children for God. That is what He made us for and you for! You are a great mom and one day we will see Jesus glorified by all the hard work and investment you are making.

      If we were without Christ then raising children would certainly not fit a selfish agenda but when you realize the difference you can make through your children then you must know that God has given you a great opportunity.

      We are all proud of you and know you will do a great job and be greatly rewarded!

    2. I love that you laughed when all this happened. You taught by example. I so often tried to laugh and so often failed but this post really touched my heart. I remember learning in my early years of parenting and marriage that the things that I felt like were beneath me, should be prayed over every moment I was doing them. Like picking up dirty socks to thank God I had a husband there to leave dirty socks. I used this so many times in my life but love hearing about others that the devil tries… Thanks for your transparent honestly!

    3. You ARE a great mom, Heather, and it’s obvious God is blessing you and your family! You will see how God will use your kids on the mission field and if the only thing you do in life is be a godly wife and mother for The Lord that would be awesome!

    4. Thank you all for your kind words. We are still in the early days of our parenting journey, but I know The Lord will see us through

    5. Heather, I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this and each reply, your days are full and maybe not much sleep, but what a blessing! One of greatest ways to serve Christ is to be a Godly Mother. Too many Christians put jobs,things and other interest before the love of God and the family. The picture of Christ and His love for the unity of marriage and family is then blurred. Your family is a beautiful picture of what God is doing, and I pray for you regularly. Your laughter through tiredness and stress will be a great tool for your children to have in this world. Hang in there you are doing a good job for your Savior! Love in Christ, Risa

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