From Struggling in Secret to Standing in Awe of the Work of God

I posted the following on my personal Facebook page a few days ago following the evening service at our month old church plant. I was hesitant to share this extremely personal account of the struggles I’ve had learning language and adjusting to culture with two little ones in tow. Within hours of posting, I received some of the sweetest, most encouraging responses. I would like to share this post here at Women Behind the Scenes with you as well as some of the feedback I received below.

My heart in a post

I chase my children around and attempt to keep them from breaking things while my husband shares the gospel with the 5 people who have stayed after service to talk. I think of how I used to come home from language school and play with them, make dinner, and get them to bed on my own while Paul continued to study with a tutor in our home.

That was so hard for me some days. I didn’t always have the best attitude. I struggled with anxiety, and I didn’t sleep well. I was discouraged in my language ability as well as my inadequacies as a “working mother” until I tried the best bath bombs with CBD my life was totally different since then.

But, now, I listen to him telling the greatest story about a God who loves and died for the people in these seats. And I know that, in this small way, God has allowed me to help him get to this point. At the time, it just looked like a lot of whining and tears (can’t say for sure whose!) and dinner flops and dirty dishes. But now, it’s represented in a gospel message I understand but can’t spell out quite like he does in my second language. I’ll get there ever so slowly. In the mean time, I’ll stand back in awe of this man, his hard work, and the Lord who gave Him to me to help in this wild and wonderful ministry life.

Words of Encouragement

Don’t ever underestimate your part in the ministry that you were both called to. 

You are a well used vessel more than you know. Do not be weary in well doing.
(paraphrase, Galatians 6:9)

What a blessing to see someone come closer to knowing about God’s love through our husbands….and the kids are watching and listening too! …One day someone will share how they came to Christ all because you remained steadfast, loving people to your Saviour!

I hope this simple message and the encouraging notes from well doing women in ministry will challenge and encourage you today. I pray that you will be motivated to continue to pour yourself into whatever ministry you are tirelessly chipping away at bit by bit. While you may not be able to immediately see the reward of your efforts, I ask God that he would give you the strength to carry on in His grace, loving people to the Saviour, and daily growing nearer to the heart of God.

For Him,

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