Some Truths About Life

A few nights ago, a young man laid his head on my shoulder crying and said: “Why does everyone keep on dying”. We had just received news that another loved one had passed away, the third one in a span of two weeks.. See, Within the last year and a half, this boy has “lost” his mother, his grandmother, a lady whom he loved dearly and a grandfather. Most of us have not said so many goodbyes in our life time. He is only fourteen. I didn’t answer. I simply held him tightly and assured him that it will be okay. I just wanted him to feel how much he was loved. As I laid in bed that night, however, this question kept going through my mind and it stirred up some thoughts: What is our hope in this life? What is our hope for the life hereafter ? What are our lives about in the first place?

The truth about Life is that it won’t last forever. A sobering thought. It could end today, it may end tomorrow. Our Life on earth is temporary. God gives us a window of life, of which He sovereignly determines the span and that is all the time we have to make a difference here on earth. What kind of difference should we strife to make? What is an essential part of stewarding our time here?      The Bible says in Revelation 4:11: “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.   “The truth about life is that it is created for God’s pleasure. What brings great glory and pleasure to God is for His Word and Truth to go forth into all the world. For His Gospel to be shared with those who do not know it. For His Son Jesus to be known and magnified. We were created to worship Him and we worship Him well when we proclaim His message of salvation. The difference we ought to make in this world is sharing the truth about the One that makes all the difference in the world!

Last night I had the privilege of watching the memorial service of a great servant of God! This lady touched the lives of multiple people, including the lives of many of our friends and family, especially the young man mentioned above, my nephew. For that reason, even though I didn’t know her that well, her kindness, and acts of compassion mattered to me. I carefully listened to the testimonies given by her friends and family and I was moved in an incredible way. God used her to reach into many hearts and lives. In fact, she had reached all over the world. One could tell by how full the auditorium was, that she was loved back. In spite of this great loss, however, there was a sense of hope. A sense of peace. Her family came to celebrate her life rather than to mourn her death. Where does such hope and strength come form in a time of grief? It comes from knowing Jesus. It comes from knowing that He is Lord, sovereign over our lives. It comes from knowing that in our most unsatisfying state, we were loved enough that He would lay down His life for us. Her family could celebrate her life, because she lived it for Jesus and because of Jesus she has life eternal! That is our hope in this life and the one to come!

Truth is that life was never really about us. It has always been about redemption and for those who have been set free to share this hope with others. This dear lady displayed a Christ-likeness in her constant acts of love and kindness. Her compassion made a difference. Am I making a difference? Am I making much of Jesus with the life I was given or am I living it for myself? Am I allowing Jesus to make me like Him and touch and reach lives through me? It has always been about Him and a life consecrated to Him is simply a reasonable service on our part.

We keep passing on, because that is the cycle of our earthly life (Read Genesis 2 and 3) but because of Him “it doesn’t have to be death to die” It can be hope, it can be life eternal in Heaven, it can be gain.

Do you know Jesus?




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      1. That is so true and you explained it so well. You are wise beyond your years and I am so proud of you. I am so thankful my grandbabies have such Godly parents! What a blessing! Love you lots!

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