SPECIAL Christmas Giveaway!

Have you ever noticed that most giveaways on blogs have this tiny note at the bottom, that most of us don’t even pay attention to?  It simply states :  For residents of the United States ONLY.     We would like to change that this time.  This giveaway is for the missionary woman on the FOREIGN field ONLY.


To participate all you have to do, in the comment section, is state your name, the country you live in, and what you would want in your “missed items from the States” package.   At the end of the week we will randomly draw a name and (probably not before Christmas but close)  you will receive a package with some of your missed goodies from your list as well as some special treats from the USA from Women Behind the Scenes!


Just a few notes:

The Authors of WBTS will not participate

You are responsible for customs – so if its not worth it that’s ok, we would still love to hear what you would want in your package, just mark not participating.

Thanks to Patty Sommer, a missionary friend in Ghana, for this great idea!

Giveaway ends Friday, 29th of November and winner will be announce on our Facebook page on Saturday.



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  • 57 thoughts on “SPECIAL Christmas Giveaway!

    1. I’m Lou Ann Keiser and live and serve in beautiful Basque Spain. Probably don’t want to participate because of customs costs, but I miss poultry seasoning, maple flavoring, sage, fennel, turmeric, shower poofs, wash cloths, and decorative things (especially for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and Christmas). What a wonderful idea! God bless your project.

    2. My name is Sharon Wiebe. I’m a missionary in Santa Cruz, Bolivia along with my husband and 9 year old daughter. I really miss chocolate chips and decaf coffee (the kind that you can brew). Thank you for this wonderful little contest. I’ll be watching to see your posts through out the week. God Bless.

    3. Helen Christian, and I am in Minsk, Belarus
      Food coloring, vanilla, jello, brown sugar, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Corn, did I mention candy corn (lol), candy canes. Seasonal window clings, Sugar Free Cinnamon gum.
      This is a wonderful idea.

    4. I’m Crista Mathew and I’m serving in India. If you mark the box as having “no commercial value” there won’t be any custom costs! I miss parmesan cheese, zip lock bags, Christmas candies, candy canes, pie filling and bisquick. God bless you!

    5. I’m Connie Jeremias and my husband and I serve the Lord in Zambia, Africa. The things I miss the most are pecans, almonds, herbal teas and zip lock bags. I miss having a Walmart too, but that would be a little hard to put in a box 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderful idea. God bless all your work.

    6. My name is Rachel Foss and I am serving with my family in the country of Serbia! I miss Reese’s cups (especially the dark chocolate kind), brown gravy mix, Dr. Pepper. I also miss cheddar cheese but that would be a bit difficult to ship!

      Thank you for doing this giveaway!

      1. Rachel Foss–You CAN ship cheddar cheese! It is aged, and lasts a long time without refrigeration as long as it is in a vacuum sealed package. I hope you get some soon. 🙂

    7. Blessed Thanksgiving to you all! I am Vicki Mansell in northern Hokkaido, Japan! We just completed 30 years here! Because all our family is grown and back in the States I miss them the most but am thankful for Skype to be able to keep in touch. I think I can at least special order some things I miss more than other missionaries around the world. But I do miss easy findings of cake decorations, cutters, holiday decorations (all they have is mostly santa here and no thanksgiving) coffee creamers, sewing materials and card making paper. I have a couple favorite candy bars that I totally miss–dark chocolate covered cherries; dark chocolate 3 Muscateers; and anything mint especially soft chocolate mints! Nevertheless I am totally blessed!!

    8. I’m Tennille Downey and my family and I are missionaries in Wales, UK. Our family miss candy corn, koolaid, cow tail candy, regular pot holders (not the ones you put your whole hand in), cinnamon sweets, peppermints, caramels…I could add a few more, but postage for heavy things is just not cost-effective. All the fun give-aways I see are ALWAYS continental US only! Thanks for thinking of us!

    9. This is so special. Thank you for thinking of all of us ladies on the foreign field! My name is Connie Robertson and we are missionaries to Chile, South America. We have been on field for 32 years this month and God’s been good! Wouldn’t trade it for anything! In a package, I would enjoy chocolate chips, ramon noodles, Big Red gum, and anything else that you would like to put in. We have five children at home – 4 girls, 17,13,11, 10 and a boy 9 just to give you an idea.

    10. My name is Charity. Our family serves in a “creative access” country in Southern Asia. What do we miss? Canned pumpkin, Chapstick, Texjoy Steak Seasoning, holiday decor.

    11. Hi I’m Christina Gossett and my husband and I along with my son Noah who is fixing to turn 7 and my son Paul which is only 4 months, serve I’m the Philippines. I had my son here in July! What I miss is being able to go to Walmart and get him teething tablets and other baby items that I can’t get here. The little one piece outfits are so expensive here. But we miss can veggies like green bean and also baked beans. But we would love to have anything from the states! My son Noah loves sweet tarts and dumb dumb suckers. But we all miss any kind of American chocolate!

    12. I’m Sue Zemke, missionary in Japan. What a special idea – thank you! I miss Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the miniature ones are fine), Whoppers (chocolate covered malted milk balls), waxed dental floss, Alpine spiced cider packets (the regular variety), Wrigley’s Doublemint or Spearmint gum, instant oatmeal. Thank you and God bless!

    13. My name is Sarah Stevens and we are serving in Romania. We miss candy canes, maple syrup, pumpkin, Resees cups, Durkee fried onions for green bean casserole, pecans and fruit snacks! I think this is a wonderful idea, God bless you!

    14. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I’m Carole Shull and I live and serve in Greenland. I miss sausage seasoning, peanut butter cups, Hershey’s kisses, scented candles and body spray/lotion… oh the list could go on and on 😉

      God Bless you. I look forward to reading more posts this week.

    15. Hi! I’m Jen and I’n serving with my husband and 2 children in the outback of Australia. I miss my family and fall most of all. But I guess that’s not as easy as sending twinkies and pb cups. I also miss lucky charms cereal. Thanks for this lovely idea!

    16. this is maria in Jamaica. My husband and I have been here 4 years and have 4 daughters and baby boy. We miss instant gravy packets, pepperoni slices, pop tarts, cake decorating supplies, sprinkles and holiday candy. And I miss hairspray! This was fun and I enjoyed reading everyones comments. Thank you for thinking of us!

    17. I am Diane Courts, and along with my husband, five biological children (3 of whom are married) and two adopted Argentine children, serve the Lord in Isidro Casanova, a suburb of Buenos Aires in Argentina since 1988. Importation has been almost completely shut down so I miss things like kero syrup, chili powder, taco seasoning, a seam ripper (I know that sounds weird but mine just broke), strawberry licorice, candy corn, pop tarts and pepperoni. Anything is great, though! This is wonderful! God bless you!

    18. What a blessing someone will get! I think all missionaries love getting packages. I am Sally Stensaas, and we serve in Uganda. We love craisins, cashews, Extra mint chocolate chip gum, Norwex cleaning cloths, beef jerky, earrings, necklaces, marshmallows, mint 3 musketeers, root beer, sliced pepperoni, and seasonal decorations and candy. Thank you.

    19. My name is Angie R. My family and I are serving in Western Asia. What a great idea and way to be a huge blessing to someone…even though these blogs are more than enough! 😉 I know they’ve really cracked down on things in customs from what I hear but not sure on what. A few items that come to my mind are: Reese’s peanut butter baking chips, maple flavoring, candy canes, pecans, poptarts, and Skittles. We have 3 boys ages 6, 4, and 8 months, and a girl who is almost 3. Blessings to you all and I’m thankful for your posts.

    20. My name is Shawna Williams. My husband Coleton, son Isaac, and I serve in Papua New Guinea. Powdered seasonings of any kind are amazing to receive! Like chili, taco, stroganoff, ect. Plus chocolate, of any sort! Also holiday drink mixes are lots of fun 🙂

    21. My name is Jessie Heppner. I serve in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I really miss candles, essential oils and anything else that smells! Also, I have a gluten allergy and would LOVE to have some xanthan gum for cooking gluten free recipes. Woop woop!

    22. Hi! My name is Joyce Tyson and my husband and I serve as missionaries in Guatemala. This is a VERY sweet offer from Women Behind the Scenes. It’s true most giveaways are for US residents only so thank you for this thoughtful giveaway for missionary women. There are quite a few items we miss from the States but to name just a few would be Pecans, Italian, Blue Cheese and Ranch Dressing Mixes (powder seasonings), Butterscotch chips, Chocolate chips, Skippy Natural Peanut Butter with dark chocolate, and most any sugar-free dark chocolate with nuts or mint candy. The routine things I mention when inquired about desired items to be brought by visitors coming from the States if they can stick one in their luggage is either a bag of Quick Grits, White Lilly SR Flour, White Lilly SR Corn Meal, or Velveeta Cheese. Oh and somebody mentioned dark chocolate covered cherries. Mmm — That sounds good too! Generally speaking, ANY American chocolate is high on the list of “missed US items.” Thank you so much and may God bless you in all your endeavors for His glory!

    23. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful idea! I have tears in my eyes that we women would be thought of in this way!
      My name is Elizabeth O’Brien, and my husband and I live in Ikoma, Japan. I miss chocolate chips, REAL cheese, ranch salad dressing mix, bras that fit (haha!), maple syrup/flavoring, candy canes, and basically just our stuff that is still in storage in the States. 🙁

    24. What a neat idea and a blessing it will be to whomever receives this special care package. My name is Annessa Rogers and my husband, three children, and I are missionaries in the Amazon Basin of Brasil. I have been looking it seems forever for small Christmas stickers (to stick on an envelope) I had some that I brought with me from the states but ran out. They don’t have any here. I miss ranch dressing (the mix packets), peppermints. My family also misses Reese’s pieces and skittles. Oh yes, marking ” Gift No Commercial Value”helps when it comes to customs. CONGRATS TO THE WINNER!

    25. My name is Judy Van Sant – we have been missionaries in Ukraine for 18 years. I miss Candy Canes, Vanilla Coffee Creamer, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, egg nog mix, Jelly Bellies, Pumpkin Pie Filling. Anything from America is nice!
      This is really a wonderful plan! May God bless you!

    26. This is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! I’m Heather Hill and my husband and I, along with our three kids (ages 6,4,1) have been serving in Chonburi, Thailand for the last six years. Some of the things I miss the most are Good and Plenty Licorice candy, Rasinets, flavored coffee and creamer, and pecans!

      1. Hi, Heather. My family and I drive through Chonburi on our way to BKK (from Cambodia) a couple of times a year. I never knew there were missionaries there! Hello neighbor 🙂

    27. What a fun idea! I am Amy and am serving with my family in Ethiopia. We miss easy proteins and good dairy. Some items that could actually be sent are nuts, pepperoni, beef sticks, beef jerky, packaged bacon and cheese…oh cheese. And electric and duct tape.

    28. Hi, I’m Tina Poplin and my hubby and I serve in South Africa. We can get most things here, though it might be ridiculously priced! I miss Bisquick, baking chips (chocolate, butterscotch, white choc), Reeses peanut butter cups, decorative napkins and holiday candy decorations for cookies and cakes. Thank you for having a heart for missionary wives and for your thoughtfulness.

    29. Hi! I’m Heidi and my family and I have been serving in Cambodia, SE Asia for nearly 10 years. I really miss peppermint coffee creamer (or any holiday flavored creamers or coffees!) and special Christmas-y candies (like York Peppermint patties and pretty holiday m&ms) at this time of year. My kids (10,8,6,3, 4mos) would love to share the candy with me 🙂 Thank you for giving some missionary lady a very special treat!

    30. My name is Donna Schepers. My husband and I, along with our 4 kids (6, 7, 14, & 16) have been in the Dominican Republic for 6 years. We miss Beef Jerky, Cheez its, good scented candles, flavored coffee, chocolate covered almonds or almond M&M’s, Holiday candy (especially mint flavored), canned spray cheese, Butterfingers,and Turtles. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    31. I think this is a very “sweet” thing you are doing here! I am Eva Doan in Lithuania. My hubby and I came here with 5 boys, in 1996. We have added 4 more boys and a girl (the 9th!) We have been blessed to be able to have American missionaries join us for Thanksgiving over the years; as well as one time the Marines from the US embassy!!
      We miss Reeses peanut butter cups (seems like a lot of us do 😉 !) spaghetti seasoning, and Jif Peanut butter. Rubbing alcohol is also a REAL problem to get here (need a prescription and then you only get 50ml) and of course Thanksgiving and 4th of July decorations!!
      Thank you for thinking of the ladies ‘over here’!!

    32. My name is Sarah Stammen and we live in Honduras. We have only been here for 4 months so the new has not worn off yet. But we are working with 2 other couples that have been here for years. I would like to enter them into the contest.

      Dallita Goins has been here for 8 years. She likes Yankee candles, dark chocolate, blank note cards, semi sweet chocolate chips, and holiday decor.

      Amy Coats has been here for 3 years. She likes blank note cards, bath &body works “be enchanted”, wheat thins, and Lipton green tea TOGO packs mandarin/mango.

      Thank you for caring for foreign missionary wives! This is very special!

    33. What a sweet idea for a contest! My name is Annie Sheridan and I serve in Coyhaique, Chile. I miss Yankee candles, Dr. Pepper, chocolate chips, Butterfingers, and Bath & Body work hand soap.

    34. Lori Bradley in Mexico City, Mexico. I miss canned green beans, diet a&w rootbeer, cinnamon sugar-free gum, and most of all velveeta cheese!

    35. Hi
      My name is Angel Kennedy and we live in Northern Ireland. I miss log cabin maple syrup and Thanksgiving decor.
      Great Idea!

    36. This is so sweet. I am Kathy Reasoner. My husband and I have been serving the Lord in Moscow, Russia for 20 years. Our 5 children are grown and all but one is married. So I’d like you to send me my grandchildren but since that isn’t possible ;)….. I miss cinnamon sticks (we can get the powder), canned pumpkin, beef jerky, and candy canes.

    37. Hello! My name is Donna Allen. My husband and I are missionaries to Southern Brazil (along with our youngest daughter, Elizabeth). This will be my very first Christmas away from my 3 older children, we arrived only 7 months ago)
      I do miss solid deodorant, (Secret). Leave in creme to control my very frizzy hair…very humid here:) sugar-free cherry cough drops, plastic tablecloths, placemats with rooster theme, (I love roosters), medicated chap stick, English birthday cards, thank you notes, a ferenheit thingy to hang in an celicus oven:)
      May God bless you and your ministry this Christmas season & always!

    38. My name is Jenn Scarfi, I’m a missionary Bible translator in Vanuatu (South Pacific). Arrived on the field January 2013. I miss Hidden Valley Ranch packets, oxiclean, maple syrup, strawberries and canteloupe (though I don’t think you can send those), Dove milk chocolate, mint gum, and scented candles.

      Wow, looking through everyone else’s list of things they miss, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for! So many things in y’all’s lists, we can get here (though they are a little expensive).

      1. This is a neat idea! I am Althea Nordquist in Brazil. Family would be a great present, we also miss captain crunch pb cereal, beef jerky, ranch and taco seasoning and rootbeer flavoring. Mmmm God bless your efforts!

    39. Abigail Jacobo, we are serving in Campamento, Honduras. Love the place we serve. we miss beef jerky, sweet tarts, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew. Love this idea. I have learned to appreciate the things I do have access to after reading the other posts. God is so good.

    40. Wonderful, Amy! We would love JIF creamy peanut butter, Reeses cups, Hershey’s kisses, especially the peppermint and cherry kinds, Christmas sprinkles, Maple syrup 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us 🙂

    41. Can I just say that I love how you added this special disclaimer: “You are responsible for customs – so if its not worth it that’s ok.” 😀 (That is our disclaimer that many Americans don’t understand)

      I’M JEN! I live and serve in the city of Nassau on the beautiful island of New Providence in The Bahamas. While we can get most things from The States relatively easy, the price of living & items is quite high here, due to importation.

      So, what I miss is just the price and convenience of Walmart! The flavor of Taco Bell! The drive of the country! and the skyscrapers of the city!

      I truly love the idea of this contest! If I win, Gift Cards would be great because it would be easier for me to shop online or save for when I travel to the States.

      Thanks! And love & prayers to all you women living & serving abroad!!

    42. Hello, I’m Dawn Spillman. My husband and I have been in Ukraine for 14 years. Because we have been here so long I tend to forget about things I miss but this week I have really been thinking about Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Hormel Chili in a can. I know it’s crazy because you can make something from scratch that is better for you but these are some things that I have been missing. And then for desert of of course Reeses peanut butter cups. We have six kids so it would take a LOT to feed all of us. This is wonderful idea that you have. An idea to help with customs is to NOT put the word gift on the paper. It is aromatically charged.

    43. Hello! I’m Sarah McKendree. My husband and I along with our two children (ages 4 and 3) work with the Deaf in Peru, South America. We are so blessed – after reading all the other comments, I realized just how many things we can get here in Lima! I miss Real maple syrup, blank note cards, candy canes, children’s books in English, seasonal window clings, and scented candles. Since I’m 5 months pregnant, I’ve been craving Taco Bueno muchacos, but it would be impossible to send that! 🙂 Thank you so much for thinking of the missionary wives. May the Lord richly bless you!

    44. I’m Ashley Todd and my family and I are serving in a mountian town in Costa Rica. I miss cotton yarn for crocheting, fall decor, essential oils (tea tree, lavendar, and peppermint, mostly) fall and Christmas sented candles and dark chocolate. (And I would not expect all of these in a package!! Too expensive! 🙂

    45. I’m Erica and my family arrived in Brazil almost 4 months ago. This is a wonderful and thoughtful idea, and will be such a blessing to a missionary wife somewhere! I miss Dr Pepper, Tazo black iced tea, and cheap art supplies and holiday decorations from the dollar store.

      1. Welcome to Brazil, Erica! We live in Southern Brazil, In a huge city of over 600,000- Joinville, SC. May God bless you and your ministry here in Brazil.

    46. Tami Byrd, serving in the Dominican Republic. We have been here 2 years now and love it. 4 of my kids are here with us. I would have to say we miss cheez-its, ranch seasoning mixes, peanut butter cups, Nutter Butter cookies and pub chips. Thank you!!

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