SPECIAL EDITION: Kids Behind the Scenes

Not too long ago my husband was asked to send a video to Believers Baptist Church, in Griffin GA to show the kids during their  VBS that takes place this week.   Mark decided it would be neat if they got a video from a kid’s point of view instead of just from himself.     I love that my children have a real life perspective of the mission field.   I know most children in America only get to hear about the mission field from an adult’s perspective.   So grab your children or grandchildren and let them watch a small glimpse of missions in South Africa from the cute 11 year old, Luke Coffey.



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    1. Thanks so much for the great video, Luke! That was so cool. That was amazing how your brothers played with the cheetahs. God bless you!
      Your friends, David Alan and Jacob (11 and 9 years old), Tennessee

    2. Thank you once again for making the video for our VBS! We are going to visit South Africa tomorrow night, and I can’t wait to share the video with the children. They are going to love it! Our kids visited Mexico tonight, Madagascar last night, and Paraguay on Monday night. For most of these kids it was the first time that they really learned what a missionary is and does. The first comment that my daughter (age 17) made after watching the video was, “I want to go to South Africa!” I know that it is going to be a big hit with our VBS kids, too. Tell Luke that he may have a future career in movie making!

      1. They enjoyed putting the video together, glad you enjoyed it. We will have to make a new one to show in person the next time we come to your church.

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