Thank you for praying; Part 2

Last month we had a sweet and action provoking post about how and why to effectively pray for those around us (if you missed it, or just want to recap, you can do so Here.)

This month, we have part 2 of that series and it is just as encouraging as the first! We are blessed to have Mrs. Sandy Roberts on our team to learn from as she ministers unto others here and around the world.

We received a tremendous blessing recently at a doctor’s office. Yes, at a doctor’s office. My husband was having a routine checkup at a Cardiologist who ‘just happened’ to be a precious man of God. Who ‘just happened ‘ to be an Indian man raised in South Africa.

As we entered the waiting room, we immediately saw Bibles as reading material, a huge tract rack and Christian
music playing. Shortly, they called us back.

Dr Thandroyen entered the exam room and introduced himself. He began telling us about two hearts.

One, he had studied in depth and had achieved much in that study. The second heart, he explained was very wicked and full of sin until one glorious day, the God of all glory, manifested the truth of his heart’s condition and forgave him of all sin and created a new man.

Obviously, Jim and I both were blown away and very moved by the sweet Spirit. After he understood what God has called us to do in India, he was very interested and asked if he could go to India with us sometime. He is actually discipling a man in New Delhi via Skype weekly as well as helped start five churches in India.

This experience was a bit overwhelming. When the examination was over, he took both of our hands and began praying a prayer of praise and petition on our behalf. How could a stranger an hour before now be praying for two unworthy servants? And our children?

We left that day encouraged, filled with love and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father who had brought this man – this Spirit filled Doctor – into our lives.

I am so grateful for every prayer warrior who talks to our Father about each one of us. And, I am so thankful that we, too, can talk to our Father about our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I can’t prove this, and it may sound a bit silly, but my Dad and Mom are now in heaven. I know they prayed for me while on earth. Do you think they are still talking to Jesus about me? I like to think so. In my mind’s eye, I can see Jesus pull them close and say, “I’m taking good care of her.”
We can make a difference in the place God has placed us. Hold someone’s hand today and pray for them.

-Mrs. Sandy Roberts

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  • 2 thoughts on “Thank you for praying; Part 2

    1. I know having someone say a prayer out loud for me is one of the most comforting and encouraging things to experience. Now I want to go find someone and pray for them! Thank you!

    2. I’ve done this before, but it’s not something I hardly ever think about. Thank you for the reminder! That is also an absolutely amazing story!

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