The Balance Beam


I love seeing my girls balance on the balance beam in gymnastics! It’s so amazing to see them walk across this tiny little beam and do a cartwheel. At the same time, for them to get to that point, it has taken a lot of practice and falling down. At first my oldest daughter was very nervous to be on the high beam and do a flip! She would consistently tell me “I’m scared I’m going to fall”! But one thing she was forgetting is that underneath her was a huge foam pit and standing by her side was her instructor who was there to help her.


I’ve often felt like I was on a balance beam, with all eyes on me watching to see if I was going to fall or slip off the beam. I am a daughter, wife, mother, counselor, sister, missionary’s wife, teacher, etc…. All of these roles need me and vie for my time. There have been many times I’ve gotten out of balance, out of whack, and just couldn’t keep it together. I’ve stood in the middle of an open air market, with a baby strapped to me, holding another one of my children’s hands, a very heavy bag in the other hand, walking through sewage water (due to rainy season), people bumping into me and speaking a language that I didn’t understand yet, and thought Lord “I can’t do this anymore”! But in those times of desperation and wonder I have to remember that as I am all of those things mentioned above, most importantly I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father! Just like my daughter, who was scared at first to cross the highest beam, but then realized that she was ok because help was near; I must realize that when trying to keep my marriage, being a mother, and ministry balanced I have help near by I just have to ask for it!


Although this is an every day process for me, and one I have to keep in check all the time, here are some ways to help keep our lives as women in balance:


  1. Spending time with the Lord every single day! Sounds cliché right? And maybe you are thinking I can’t even get a shower let alone read my Bible and pray! But we must every day get alone with out Savior and ask Him to help us with our lives, our marriage, our children, and our ministries.
  2. Talk! If you are struggling talk to your husband, a Godly friend, or counselor! You’d be surprised how many women feel just like you do.
  3. Have an out! Find something you love to do and take a little bit of time for yourself. Walk, run, read, or drink a cup of coffee! Use those times to refresh yourself!
  4. Make a schedule and go by it! Be as organized as you can! I know I hate this part! But when I can see everything on paper and see what I need to get done it feels doable.


Dear wife, mother, and partner in the ministry how are you crossing your balance beam? Do you feel like you might not make it across without falling off? I encourage you to remember that our loving heavenly Father is there to take your burden and your hand and help you across!


With Love,

Beth White




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  • 6 thoughts on “The Balance Beam

    1. Love this! Thank you, Beth, for addressing this subject. It’s something that has been hard for me during our first year here with the new church and I’ve found all of these things you mentioned to be helpful. Great job!

    2. The analogy of this Article is great! Although I may not have as many responsibilities, the tips you have given in this article can even help me as a student at the Training Center. 🙂

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