The Dynamic Duo

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A wife can be the husband’s greatest asset or biggest hindrance in life, work and ministry. So many times, we see our husband’s work/ministry as the enemy, the giant we must defeat. Why, because it takes time away from us as their wives? Or maybe it’s the phone call that interrupts our date? Maybe it’s the long hours of counseling and dealing with people each day? For whatever the reasoning, so many times we are fighting against our husbands and not working with them.

I love the story of Aquila and Pricilla. In the six times they are mentioned in the Bible, they are always together, working and ministering together. Whether you know it or not your husband wants to share with you, spend time together, and even work together. The problem is, we as wives are too busy looking at the negative of our husband’s job/ministry, and we miss out on the times to work together! What set Aquila and Pricilla apart? What made them be a great couple, who served the Lord together? I really believe it was Pricilla’s attitude. What can we learn from Pricilla?


  1. She was willing to follow her husband anywhere. Pricilla and Aquila were kicked out of Rome for being Christians. When they met up with Paul they followed him to other cities. This meant Pricilla didn’t have a place to call her own. Yet we never see her complain. She is willing over and over again to move so that the gospel could spread.
  2. She worked and ministered with her husband.  Aquila and Pricilla made tents, but they also took a young man under their wings named Apollos. The Bible says that they took time to teach/disciple him. No doubt this meant many hours with Apollos in their home, eating with them, working them.  Which meant not a lot of alone time as a couple. At one point, both Pricilla and Aquila had to risk their lives for Paul. Once again, we see that Pricilla was willing to sacrifice for the furtherance of the Gospel.
  3. Pricilla loved and studied God’s Word. It was a part of her life. Every thing Pricilla and Aquila did was based on God’s word. Do we read our Bible’s each day? Is every decision we make based on what God’s Word says?

When we as wives, stop seeing our husband’s job/ministry, as a battle for his attention and time, we can learn to work together just like Aquila and Pricilla. The Lord will use us and do great things with us! I encourage you to step along side your husband and be like Pricilla, be a partner with him serving Christ!




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  • 6 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo

    1. This is really a good article Beth. Whether on the mission field or serving at home, wives can be a help or a hindrance to their husband. Good reminder to “serve the Lord with gladness.”

    2. “When we as wives, stop seeing our husband’s job/ministry, as a battle for his attention and time, we can learn to work together just like Aquila and Pricilla. ”

      Couldn’t be said any better

    3. Thanks for writing this, Beth. It’s good to see the models in the Bible like you presented here with Aquilla and Pricilla. I’m so thankful to have a wife who works as a partner.

      I shared a link to your article today on the Edify Hub Facebook page and Twitter feed. Keep up the writing!

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