The Introverted Missionary Wife

I must say, I have never  read a book or even a chapter on psychology or different personalities.  But I do know, just from basic observation, during my 17 years of marriage that people can be very different.   My husband, is what the psychology books would call an extrovert.   I have noticed that if he is in solitude for an extended period of time he because tired and well irritable (ok maybe not irritable but not jolly) .  I am THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE, I feel energized and ready to conquer the world after a day of quiet with just me and some books or my laptop.   The noisier a room is and the more full of people it has the more alive my husband becomes.   That same room makes me feel like I’m spiraling.   I drag to my car feeling heavier and more drained then my morning workout produced after just an hour of such an event.   I am definitely an introvert.  

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So what is an introverted missionary wife to do?    If I’m on furlough, I am constantly in such a room. After each church service, and some weeks we can have up to 7 of them, we stand in a crowded foyer talking and talking and talking.   On the field, I consider my house to be what many refer to as a “fish bowl” .  I also call it a revolving door, people are constantly there, and surprisingly they want to engage in…. CONVERSATION.   I still have my church foyer, people are always crowded around to ask questions, or just well converse, this time it just happens to be in another language.   When at home, my 5 kids, seem to always need conversation with me as well.   I currently have 3 doors I can shut and lock before reaching our Master Bathroom toilet and I still can hear a banging, followed by… MOOOOOOOM, even if their dad was sitting in the living right next to them, they still had to speak to me immediately!   



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