The Moving Story of Frank + Short-Term Missions Opportunities!

Our interns in China are required to study Chinese and to spend time out in the community practicing sentences they learn in class each day. Kanon, a former intern, found this time to be especially fruitful not just in language acquisition but also in sharing the gospel and in inviting people to church. We saw many visitors come to the church during his internship just from his time spent outside practicing Chinese in the community. One of those visitors would go on to not only accept Christ but also surrender his life to His ministry.

This is his story…

Frank is a 25 year old Chinese man with a degree in navigation. One year ago, he was working as a real estate agent in the city with plans to find a job working on a ship in the next few years.

One day, as he was out looking over a few of the apartments he was selling, he met a young man, Kanon, who was looking to make friends and practice his Chinese. Frank was eager to help and was looking forward to getting to know his new foreign friend better. The two exchanged phone numbers and pretty soon he found himself invited to the church’s English corner (which was then led by Kanon.)

After attending English corner, Kanon encouraged Frank to attend the next Sunday’s church services. On that Sunday Frank showed up early.

Frank was introduced to me, my husband (the pastor) and to our little girls. He then saw his new friend, Kanon, and met several people who called themselves Christians. He enjoyed his first Sunday at church so much that he decided to keep coming! And after attending the church for just 2 months, he put his faith and trust in Christ!

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Frank was so excited about his new faith! He was baptized just a few weeks later, and all who knew him began to witness great changes in his life from that moment forward.

In March of this year, Frank met with my husband and expressed a desire to serve God in full time ministry with his life, and soon after, he began training to be a pastor! Frank is loved by all in the church. We are so proud of him and how God has worked in his life. We are also so thankful for Kanon’s boldness to invite him and his further investment in his life.

Like Kanon, you too can make a difference! Consider joining a missionary on the field, even if it’s only for a short time. God can use your time…your trip… your internship… to not only do a work in your life but also in the lives of those you meet!

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