The Wife on Deputation

When we started deputation, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was terrified, and I was not a very good help to my husband. I learned a lot from other ladies who were on or had been on deputation, and also a lot from my own experiences and mistakes. I still have a lot to learn, but I wanted to share a few of the things that I have been able to do to help my husband at meetings.


PRAYER: This is a very important way that I can help my husband, and I am so guilty of forgetting to pray for him. I pray as he prepares for the meeting, as he is about to get up to speak, and as he preaches.

NEEDS: What are some of the things that he might need during a meeting? My husband has a few standard things that I try to keep in my purse, like mints, or his watch. If it’s something I can’t keep in my purse, I try to know exactly where it is in the van, so that I can grab it quickly for him when he needs it.

SET UP: I have to say that each meeting is different, but I make it my goal to set up the display table for him. Upon arrival, he has to talk with the pastor and get the video set up. Setting up the display table is something that I can do to help him. Sometimes, if I need to take care of the kids (change diapers, or feed them) then I am not able to help. However, most often, I can get “help” from my toddler to set up and my 7 month old can sit and play with a toy for the 10 minutes it takes to set it up. (I’m not sure what we’ll do when she starts crawling!!)

KIDS: Again, my husband’s focus is on talking with the pastor, and preparing to preach, so I take the responsibility of the kids. (I love this responsibility, by the way.) After getting the display table set up, we go for “a walk.” Just to keep my son busy, we walk around the church, or if the weather is nice, we go outside and walk. I make sure I have plenty of things for them to do, books to read and quiet toys to play with during the service.

Atlas playing outside before church
Atlas playing outside before church

I want my husband to be his best at a meeting. These are four very simple things that can help him so that he can focus on other things, and be ready to preach. What is something that you do to help your husband at a meeting?

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    1. Great thoughts Rebel. So simple and practical; yet, I hate to admit, I was clueless to it all at first. My husband had already been doing it all by himself when I came along, and I was so unsure of what I was supposed to be doing. A few years later on down the road, and just getting all four little ones fixed up and to the restroom before church was quite the feat! 🙂 You have done a great job of balancing it all. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I have been blessed to be able to ease into it, Rebecca!! We started out as a young couple and I can’t imagine deputation with 4 children!! I would say you are awesome to balance it all- deputation or furlough, husband, children and schooling!!

    2. I love reading this now, months after it was written. Seeing the fruits of you being a supporting wife and a loving mother, through all that you have shared in the article, and at our church, is inspiring! I am so excited to see how the Lord will continue to use your family to minister to Japan. I am praying for you and your family!!!

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