Thinking of You: A Resolution

Yesterday, I went to my mailbox, and inside were two beautiful hand written envelopes, and my heart leaped (seriously It doesn’t take much! Ha!) Until I realized that our stinkin’ postal carrier gave us the neighbors mail again! Ughhh! Way to get my hopes up, Man! So as I walked down to the rightful owners mailbox (still bummed that I didn’t get to see what sentiments were inside) I got to thinking about the resolution I made when we rang in 2012, and I just thought I’d share it with you.

I had failed nearly every year of my life at keeping those pesky resolutions (Ie: Lose 30 lbs by my birthday, never get behind on laundry ever again, or keep a journal everyday–yeah right!), but THIS year would be different. I decided that all of my previous resolutions had been focused on ME, so this year, in hopes to actually accomplish a full year, I was going to change things up a bit.

Now, its November, and honestly, I can’t say that I have done the BEST job at keeping up with it, but I can say that I have certainly far exceeded years past 🙂 And it feels AWESOME!

I resolved that I would focus less on me, and more on others, in the form of “Thoughtfulness” (Honestly, I kind of picked “Thoughtfulness” because I thought it’d be the easiest to accomplish, as opposed to “generosity, acts of Service, or Patience” hehe) And thus began my journey to a more considerate life. If you know me, you know that I couldn’t just “Start”, I had to prepare, and that included an ever so welcome trip to the stationary aisle. (I could spend a paycheck on stationary…no joke)

This post is really not to say “Oh, look at me, and how awesome-ly thoughtful I am!” but rather to maybe give a little encouragement, and a few pointers on what has been successful for me.

So there are three major steps to the “Thinking of You Resolution”

Step One: Be prepared to be Thoughtful

I never succeeded when I would say “Oh, I need to mail so-and-so a card, for ________” because I would ALWAYS get busy, and forget until months had passed and then it would just be odd (“Ohhhh, thank you Holly, for this sympathy card for my grandmothers passing….in June…???”)

So I started with the basics. Here’s my list:

-Cards (Duh) I got an assortment: Thinking of you, Thank you, Blank, Birthday (**Tip Alert! for any of you Stateside ladies, Hobby lobby has the most ADORABLE cards, and they are usually 20 for less than $4.00, plus you can always find a 40% off coupon online!)

-Stamps (STOCK UP! You’ll never send a card without one! 🙂

-Pretty Pens (My weakness) that I have set aside as ONLY CARD WRITTING PENS!

-An Address Book

-A Box to put it all in, so that they aren’t just floating around in a junk drawer somewhere.

(**Since then, I’ve added a pocket calendar, to keep up with bdays and anniversaries)


 Step Two: Look for Opportunities to be Thoughtful

Before my quest began, I was a bit of a “Thoughtful Snob”, I would only send notes to say “Thanks for the _______” on my birthday, and it didn’t really dawn on me that I didn’t need an occasion to be thoughtful. So now, if someone helps me out (or has a TERRIBLE bunch in the Nursery), it’s not uncommon for me to drop a note in the mail…nothing elaborate, but just a way to say “Hey, I noticed you, and am really appreciative of you and all that you do”

Other times, if someone crosses my mind at random, I take it as a “gift from God” that he laid them on my heart, and try to allow Him to bless others through me.

Step Three: Follow Through

This kind of goes hand in hand with step two, but early on, I found that my purposefulness wore off, and I was slacking at really following through. So I began keeping a running list, and I keep it in my Bible. If some one needs a card from me, I jot their name down with the reason why, and if I am unable to send a card that day, I have designated Monday morning to be my “Card Time”. Sometimes, I will have up to 10 names on the list, and sometimes, I wont have any…but I always know to check it, to see if there was someone the past week I had intended to be thoughtful of. Good intentions are worthless if no action is ever taken.

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So there it is, my resolution of thoughtfulness. I don’t always do the best I should, and I’ve failed along the way, but it is so funny at how excited I get knowing that there is a little piece of thoughtfulness on its way to someone. Sometimes, I try to calculate when it will arrive in their mailbox, and I just get so giddy knowing that they will soon know that I don’t just flippantly think of them, but that they are special to me, and cherished.

-Thinking of you,



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  • 5 thoughts on “Thinking of You: A Resolution

    1. Love this ‘thoughtful’ idea Holly! In today’s world of texts and e-mails, sending notes or cards is almost a lost art. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of caring for and encouraging one another. God bless~

    2. I was a recipient of one of those cards:) And I lovvvvved it!!! Thanks, Holly, for your inspiration. I love the basket idea. Definitely going to use that.

    3. I’ve received one of your cards (it was actually from you and Nat 🙂 You have no idea what an encouragement that was, especially after my knee surgery! Thanks for remembering and caring!

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