True Joy

Whew!  What a week!  Just happened to be my turn to write for the WBTS blog while my husband and I just arrived back from  Argentina visiting the churches that the Lord allowed us to start while we were missionaries here.

In May it will be two years since we left and Jeff began working as the director of Vision Baptist Missions.   During our 8 years living here, we saw God do miraculous things and it hasn’t stopped!  It has been absolutely amazing for us and brings us such joy to see how God continues to bless in this city where we started our ministry.  I can’t tell you how many new believers I have met this week.  Many came up to me, greeted me with a kiss and said how they had heard so much about us and how they were so thankful that a missionary had started a church in their city.  Makes me think that that is what heaven will be like for all of the “senders” out there who give of their Faith Promise mission’s money to support missionaries who will do the work in foreign lands!  Every church here is so vibrant and full of young people, many of whom desire to serve the Lord with their lives.  The picture below was at the 3rd church plant, so many young people, many of whom were new believers I met for the first time on this trip.


 In America we can get so comfortable living our Christian “culture”, going after the “All Mighty Dollar” and forget that there is a WORLD out there of people that are lost, dying, and going to hell!  As we sat in a government building last Friday for 3 hours doing paperwork, we watched the people.  Little babies that will grow up in a country where they may never hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.  A newly married couple that will probably soon be divorced because Jesus will never be the center of their lives.  Older people who cross themselves when they pass a Catholic church, probably only months away from dying without Jesus.  Young people with red ribbons hanging in their vehicles, stopping to pray to “Gauchito Gil”, the Saint of the Delinquents that “answers” their prayers and helps them to be better thieves.

And this is only a city of a million people.  There are cities all over the WORLD like this, only the devil has stooped them into believing other lies: Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Atheism, whatever he can do to turn the eyes away from the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Joy doesn’t come from the salary you make, the vacations you can take, the house you have or the cars you own.  Joy comes from serving God and giving Him all your life, not just a part of it.   Isn’t it worth it go give up Starbucks and the shopping malls and friends to serve HIM, the Lord of lords and King of kings?    Are you willing to take the first steps of serving God?    Are you ready to give up your own children to the mission field?  Are you ready to give up your SELF to the mission field?

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    1. Great article Mindy!! thanks for remind us that it more than the life when we give ourselves to bring glory to His name!!! Lol… I never heard about “Gauchito Gil”… at times i think that we are talking about two differents country by the same name… I guessed I was really well shiled when I was younger?!

    2. This is the theme of one of the messages Paul preaches frequently on deputation. I always smile thinking of all the joy we will experience on the field as we see hindus turn to Christ!

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