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Taylor was just a little over two! We were walking out of a restaurant that was on one of the busiest roads in our city; she was holding my hand and in a split second she ripped her hand out of mine and went running into the road. To make matters worse it was nighttime. As any loving mother would do, I screamed, a scream like Jack the Ripper was after me, I screamed so loud that a guard from another place came running because he thought that someone was robbing me. It was honestly a nightmare; I just knew that I would find Taylor lying in the road hurt or even worse. Thankfully, Taylor had stood on the other side of the car without going into the road! When I got to her she looked up with her big brown eyes and said “what mommy, I’m here.” I didn’t know whether to hug her or go ahead and finish having the heart attack she had given me.

I think about that night often, and the fear that went through me. I praise the Lord that He didn’t allow Taylor to go out into the street.

Everything in today’s world seems to be about fear. The fear of gaining weight, spiders, monsters under the bed, heights, etc, you name it, if you can be afraid of it, there is a name for it, and a way you can “fix” that fear. We are taught if you are afraid of it, you need to face it head on and get over that fear. I am afraid of spiders and I’m sorry but I’m not sticking my hand into a box of tarantulas so that I can get over that fear, but I would and have killed spiders because my children were scared of them. Why, you ask? Because I love my children and I would do anything in my power for them, and to protect them.

So, many times we take the world’s philosophy and try to “fix” our own problems and face our fears alone, and yet we forget that we have a Heavenly Father who protects us and wants us to trust in Him.

Psalms 56:3 says “What time I am afraid I will trust in you.”  When Kevin and I knew that the Lord wanted us in Bolivia, I was excited but at the same time I was very scared. My thoughts were: what about our children, where will we live, the language, what  would I have to eat? And the list went on and on, but the verse says “I will trust in you.”

Recently in Bolivia there has been a lot of kidnapping of small children. Many nights I would stay awake fearful of what could happen to my children. Finally, one day it was if the Lord said to me, “Beth you can’t live like this, do you trust me with your children?” Once again Psalms 56:3 “I will trust in you.”

So, many times we say, “I trust you Lord,” but in the back of our minds we have plans b and c for “just in case.” You know what that means right? We don’t really trust the Lord.

What are you afraid to trust the Lord with in your life? Is it the country you live in, for your children, marriage, a job, moving, surrendering to what the Lord wants for your life, etc…?

Here are a few things to help us overcome or control our fearfulness:


  1. Prayer– Ok you knew I would say this, but seriously, so many times we talk to others and continue to worry, and add their fears to our list of fears, and we forget to pray, pray, pray.
  2. Praise– Look back over your life and write down all the times that you were fearful and the Lord helped you overcome those fears. In a moment of weakness we tend to forget the blessings.
  3. Recognize that it is a wrong focus– It’s easy to loose focus in the middle of something difficult. Recognize it for what it is. It’s a wrong focus when we take our eyes off of the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

Beth White



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  • 4 thoughts on “Trust Me

    1. So often when I am faced with a challenge in my life, it always comes back to trust! It doesn’t get any easier to trust the Lord with your children the older they get, I still often remind myself…God is bigger and worthy of my trust!! He hasn’t failed me yet! Thanks Beth!!

    2. Thanks Beth, this is so true. I love that you mention praise, I read something about feeling 2 things at once a while back we can’t feel grateful and fearful at the same time. Needed this today!

    3. Great job Beth. I remember when my oldest son was deployed to Iraq. I was scared for him, but I remember making a conscious decision to trust him completely to God -no matter the outcome. Again & again I was reminded God held him in His hand & He knew far better what was good for him than even me. Sometimes now when mistrust grips my heart I go back to those lessons God taught me & scriptures that held my hope. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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