Trusting Him with a New Year

The writers of Women Behind the Scenes truly hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season, spending lots of time with your families and eating way too much yummy food! For many of our writers, only one of those is true. My prayers have been lifted up for my wonderful friends around the world who have spent Christmas away from their loved ones. I pray that through their absence in the States and presence on the foreign field, many souls will come to know Christ- the One who we gather to celebrate and worship.


As we ring in the new year, I can’t help but think of all this past year has held for many of our writers. We have seen some wonderful things,

  • The births of precious babies
  • Souls saved and churches planted
  • Relationships grown and restored
  • Lives surrendered to the cause of world evangelism
  • Support growing to reach the foreign field
  • Children coming to know the Lord

but we’ve endured some hard things too

  • Illness of oneself or a family member
  • Car accidents
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Moving across the world and away from family
  • Hardships in ministry
  • Infertility and miscarriage.

God has been faithful to use all things for our good, though we may not be able to see the ways just yet. We know that His ways are higher than our ways, and we trust that He will use these hard things to bring out some of the most wonderful things in this life, mainly seeing lives transformed for his glory!

Maybe 2013 wasn’t all you had hoped for either, and maybe you feel like approaching the new year like this:


Surely, there are wonderful things if you choose to think on them, but, often the hard things seem more apparent and abundant. Trust Christ with your new year. Allow Him to work in and through you. There is no better resolution than to live a life wholly surrendered to God, trusting only in His grace the whole year through. Trusting God with a New Year doesn’t ensure that all things will be perfect, but rather that all things will fall out according to His perfect will for our lives. We just can’t wait to see how God will work in 2014- in each of our lives, through this blog, in our churches and families, and around the world!

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    1. “There is no better resolution than to live a life wholly surrendered to God, trusting only in His grace the whole year through.” Thanks for sharing this truth Amber! God bless & Happy New Year!

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