We Fear We’ll Be Forgotten

I have feared that we would be forgotten by our Stateside friends and supporting churches. Thankfully, this fear was unfounded.

To God be the glory, our friends don’t carelessly skim our posts and continue to scroll mindlessly down their feed. They take the time to pray for us, write encouraging notes, and occasionally even post-mark a piece of love and send it on its way to arrive in our mail box weeks later somehow at a time I really need a pseudo-hug.

Our supporting churches don’t sign our checks and go on about their business without praying for the ministry here and the people that will hear the gospel because of the sacrifice they have made for the furtherance of the gospel in this country. They beg God for souls on our behalf. Its members skip their Starbucks visit to put a few extra dollars in the passed plate. They inquire about our children and the needs we may have. They send Christmas cards a months in advance just to make sure we get them before the holiday passes.

It speaks to our tired hearts to be remembered. It endlessly encourages us to be spoken for in prayer. It motivates us to push on when the days are long and the work is hard. When the fruit we pray for just doesn’t blossom.

When we experience great victory, we have a crowd praising God with us. When we suffer great defeats, already burdened arms pick us up and dust us off. We have calloused hands gripping ours delivering needed assurance that someone knows and cares.

Though these helps are all a world away, in the day we live in, this great encouragement, kinship, and ministry together is attainable. We can do so much more for Him as we work for Him way over here, and you hold the ropes way over there.

Sometimes we need to not feel forgotten. Sometimes we need someone to pour into us as we pour into others or just into our language study. There is nothing special about us or the life that God has called us to, but there are certainly unique challenges that come along with it.

Please, don’t forget us. Please fight with us. Please help us win souls for His glory. It is worth every bit of our effort.


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