What “excited” means to a missionary

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, “Are you excited about going to India?”

In short, the answer is an enthusiastic “Absolutely!” But since I am a woman, and am therefore an emotional creature, there is more to the story (there’s probably not much more for my husband).

We are six months out from leaving for the field, and I am learning that the emotions that are beginning to come are complex and difficult to navigate. They are even more tricky to explain!

I am excited to see our dream to reach India actualized in the near future, but I am not in the least looking forward to saying good-bye to our family and friends. I am comforted by the fact that we live in such a technologically advanced era, making communication easier than ever, and I trust that we will make a new kind of family in India.

I am excited to learn how to thrive in a new culture and environment, but I am not looking forward to long days of language school when I’m just not getting it or leaving my babies with a near perfect stranger, either. I’m not even there yet, and it is a daily battle to teach myself the truth of God’s word to combat these negative thoughts.

I am excited for my children to learn a second language and culture, but I am not looking forward to all the fears and challenges that come along with it. I know that fear does not come from The Lord, so I dismiss these thoughts as they come. I pray that The Lord will give me the grace to trust Him completely with the health and well-being of my children wherever we find ourselves on this planet, and that He will enable me to face the unique challenges of parenting on foreign soil.

I suppose the scales seem pretty balanced at this point. That is, the exciting things are matched by things that make me more than a little anxious. But there are a couple things that truly tip the scales and make me so THRILLED to be under 200 days away from reaching India!

I am absolutely confident that India is the place that God has called our family, and I know He prepares our way and will go with us! Whatever we face, He will be with us. I look forward to trusting Him and communing with Him in a whole new way!

The joy that will come when we see Indians turn from worshipping thousands of idols to praising the name of the ONE true God will, I believe, make it all worth it!

So, am I excited about leaving for India? “Absolutely!” Am I excited about everything that comes with it? “Maybe not.” But the package deal is pretty sweet thanks to the amazing God I serve!


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