What is the solution, really?

My husband and I are extremely thankful for the birth of our son earlier this month. We have prayed for this for years now and God answered our prayers. It has not been an easy journey, but God has worked it perfectly in His will and timing. It is during a time like this that I wonder why people could even consider that abortion is an option.

Newest member of the Project China team, Maddox Johnson, born January 6, 2015

China is a country that has a population nearly four times as big as the U.S. It is a country where, like America, abortion is legal. Proportionately, China would have almost four times as many abortions as America, but that’s not how it works. According to a recent article, China’s abortion rate is thirteen times the rate of America. That means China aborts nearly four times as many babies in a year than are born in the U.S.

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This is an extremely sad and horrific statistic. Certainly, as mothers, it breaks our hearts to consider that anyone would do such a thing to someone so precious as a baby. The article looked at the high abortion rate and said that the problem was China’s sex education system, but we know that is not true, we have read and now are informed about a healthy sex education for our child and sex guidance for us the adults, in This website you can find many info regarding this topic.

The truth is, that we have the solution to this problem. We have the answer to decrease that number. No, it isn’t pro-life marches and demonstrations in Beijing. It is not trying to get better sex education or better legislation through the Chinese government to help limit the access to abortions. The solution is the Gospel.


The heart of the issue of abortion is the heart of man. No matter where a person is in the world, they all have this same problem – a sinful heart. There is no education or legislation that can change a sinful heart. The only thing that does, is a work of the Holy Spirit, through the Gospel. 

Unless we get the Gospel there, very little will change. The Gospel changes everything. It has changed my life and I know it can change others’ lives as well. So, do you want to help end abortion, not just here but all around the world? Proclaim the Gospel.  

For Him,
Crystal Johnson
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    1. This is so true! Christians many time are confused about this and attempt to socially reform instead of introducing the real solution-Jesus Christ! All abortion is because of sin. And sins power is only broken by the Gospel!

    2. Such a heartbreaking statistic, yet like you well said, the answer and solution is the Gospel news! There’s so much heartbreak everywhere we look,and I am constantly reminded of my responsibility to speak, to live the

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