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On our travels around the USA in churches and colleges, I often meet young ladies with a passion for missions.  Some desire to work with children in orphanages, others would like to be a help to missionary family in a foreign field and many others desire to just marry a missionary.  (About 15 years ago, I fell into that third category and God gave me my heart’s desire!)

I would like to direct this post to the girls out there who feel in their hearts that God would have them do something with their lives, possibly as a missionary.  I believe that it is wise for a girl to be surrendered to do whatever God may have for her and once she meets the man she knows that she is to marry, she should surrender to her husband’s calling.  He may or may not be a missionary, but if she knows that he is the one, then her calling is to her husband. I have met many girls who have really, really ….really narrowed down God’s will for their life (somehow, I’m not really sure, but they seem to know all the details.)  I know it’s possibly for God to send you someone else with the same desire to “work with orphans in Belarus”, but if you are going to marry a man of God, God will probably give him the specific instructions for your life together.  We should be open to what God wants us to do and let God work out all the tiny details. When I was 9 years old, I wanted to go to China.   If I had stated boldly to every person that God’s will for my life was go to China and rescue Chinese babies from the streets, I would have really been narrowing down a choice for a lifemate.  I left it open to God, but prayed that God would allow me to serve on the mission field.

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Get to work!

Philippians 2:13 says, “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”   As a young lady in Bible college, I started thinking that I would never get married, which worried me quite a bit, I will admit.  I also wondered if my desire to do something in missions was a selfish desire, but as it says in this passage – God works in us and He gives us that will and desire to do something to please Him! It wouldn’t be the devil or my carnal flesh giving me the desire for missions.  It was God!  So I surrendered to God again, whatever He would have me do, but He needed to show me the next step in my life.   Soon after, I met my husband and our life has been a “missions whirlwind” every day since.

So, how do you know the next step in your life?  What should you do to prepare yourself in the area of missions?

  1. First of all, surrender to WHATEVER God has in that area.  God works in different ways in every person’s life.  Don’t be too “opinionated” about a certain part of the world, people group or anything!  Just let God work!
  2. Second, learn from experienced missionaries.  When missionaries come to your church ask them questions! One aweome way to meet missionaries is to come to the OG Summit in Pigeon Forge, TN.  You can find out more at visionmissions.com 
  3. Third, don’t just sit around, waiting for something to happen!  Get busy, doing what you would do if you were on the mission field, which is being a servant!  Learn how to take care of babies, how to cook, sew, teach a children’s Sunday school class, win someone to the Lord, disciple someone, read missionary biographies, etc.  The list could go on and on! 
  4. Pray!  Pray that God will allow you to do something in the area of missions.  Go on a mission’s trip!  Give to Faith Promise Missions!  But most importantly, pray! Pray that God will use you for His glory!  Keep your eyes on Him!


If there is anything we could do to help you in your journey, please let us know.  We would love to pray with you, answer your questions and help you in any way!






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  • 9 thoughts on “What Now?

    1. Great post Mindy! I like the fact that these same things apply even to those who aren’t called to foreign missions: surrendering to the Lord’s plan (and timing!), learning from others, getting busy, and praying. Very practical things all of us can do! Thanks for this reminder!

    2. I am 16, I have lived on the mission field almost all my life, and my older sister is majoring in missions. All of those above stated make me think of missions. I would love to be a missionary, thats all I have ever known actually. But, the more I pray, the more I am NOT sure what God wants me to do. So I am really glad that I am not alone in this area of Gods silence. ( ie, not knowing what God wants me to do. ) thanks!

      1. Hey Kaley! Good to see you on here! I have been praying for you. The Lord is so good to lead us as long as we keep following! Hang in there…it will be worth the wait!

    3. Thanks Mindy. This is a subject that not too many people express themselves on. It meets a need. Very well put. God Bless!!

    4. Thanks, Mindy! This article was a blessing to me. May God continue to use you to encourage missionaries and encourage others to surrender to serve the Lord as missionaries.

    5. Great post, Mindy, and such a great, helpful topic on something we get asked about all. of. the. time! I looked at your bio and had to laugh because you, like us, have 5 children. And you, like us, served on the mission field (We were in Ukraine 10 years) before moving back to the states to take over a “missions director” position. 🙂

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