What to Expect When Expecting…in China

As I’m sitting here in my Beijing apartment, I’ve got baby on the brain!  Due to traffic in Beijing (which on a good day we’re about 45min to an hour away from the hospital) and how I’ve been progressing with my pregnancy, we’ve been schdeuled to be induced. So tomorrow is the big day! My first pregnancy and my delivery in China! We’re all pretty curious how everything’s going to happen but have absolute peace knowing that God is in control.

I thought since we’re missionaries in China, I would give you some fun cultural facts about mommies and babies in China.

Fun Facts about motherhood and babies in China:

1) Maternity Clothes

They’re not what you would expect them to be. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe (which obviously costs a whole lot) many Chinese women opt for buying a pair of these:


Overalls are a must have for pregnant Chinese women and why not?! They’re adjustable to fit your growing belly at any stage of pregnancy.


Another item that pregnant women might spring for is this apron type shirt:




This is a special shirt that repels radiation to keep mommy and baby safe and healthy.

This is a picture I took at a local Women’s Hospital in Harbin China. Notice all the overalls and aprons?



Can you guess what this is?


Yup you guessed it, “anti-radiation” jewlery. Not only pregnant women wear this but you can see this everywhere. Cities are crowded with cell phones and tablets and people want to try to stay healthy and protected somehow.


2)Baby Clothes

The other day I was walking around a baby store and the shop keeper handed me this:


Naturally I tried to stretch it over my belly since it looked like a belly band to me. Things quickly got awkward in the store when I realized it wasn’t for me. “These belly bands are made for children!” She said and held one up to my toddler haha! She explained that Chinese people think that it’s very important to keep your stomach warm and so that’s why they sell so many items of clothing just for that purpose.

Just like this apron she showed me next…this goes over your childs head and around her legs to keep the apron in place. This is so that even if she goes to use the restroom her belly will never be exposed.

new-i-love-mom-and-dad-in-the-breast-newborn cotton-i-love-mom-and-dad-style-baby-bellyband


Another baby item that took me by surprise the first time I saw it was this:


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These pants are also a smart money saving item. No need to buy diapers because the opening in your baby’s pants allows them to conviently go where ever you need them to go. It may get a little drafty but the kids dont ever seem to mind.


Hope you guys enjoyed a little peak into Chinese culture and motherhood!

Hope you all will pray for us!

Steph Taube


(Our little girl trying to wave down a taxi in Beijing traffic )

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