“Who Can Be Against Us?”

In our human minds as we ask ourselves this question, “Who can be against us?” Our hearts  are often discouraged with our responses. We see the list of critics and haters as long. We fret about our tomorrows. On our own we fall into despair. But pausing a minute to remember His Word, His promises that are true. Pausing to cling to our only HOPE, we find a great and sure peace.


You can’t threaten to kick a man out of his family whose Father is God and whose brothers and sisters number in the millions.

You can’t threaten to fire a man who has been commissioned as a steward of God and ambassador for Christ.

You can’t threaten to take a man’s wealth whose treasure is stored in heaven.

You can’t threaten to expel a man from a country who is the citizen of a city whose builder and maker is God.

You can’t threaten to imprison a man who has been set eternally free.

You can’t even threaten to kill a man whose life is hidden with God in Christ.



These were the thoughts that filled my heart as I looked around the packed out room full of believers yesterday. The adults lined the walls of the living room in rows and the kids filled the space in the middle. The occasion was the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Six were baptized. The crowd of 61 was the largest gathering of believers that any of the nationals present had ever seen. We were amazed at what God has done!

As I look around with my minds eye I can see my closest friend who I love dearly who I know is in the process of losing her earthly family. I hear one of the pastors, who is a husband and father of 3 preach who had been fired from his job as a manager of a bread factory when the boss found out. I looked down at the note in my hand asking for some groceries written to me by one old man whose wife had divorced him after she found out about his faith and left him with their three teenage kids. I hear another of the pastor preach who has stood before police and judges as a prisoner in his own country for the crime of evangelizing openly and boldly. I see another brother give his testimony with a giant smile. He had trained in Libya for holy war with a branch of ISIS. Now, as a Christian, he had neighbors threaten his life with a sword just a month ago.

The faces in the room, however, didn’t reflect a fear of threats. They reflected the joy of Paul’s triumphant statement, “If God is for us who can be against us?” Romans 8. I am humbled. I am blessed. We serve an AWESOME GOD!

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    1. Thank you, Jillian for sharing. What a blessing to hear of such strength & bravery, as they declare Christ is worth losing one’s family. Praying these families, bosses & neighbors will come to know the Lord. Praying daily for all of you.

    2. Wow, most people in America have never had to face those types of situations. However, we can get worried or scared thinking about it because it’s no secret that America is getting worse and will continue to get worse. But I had never thought about it like you put it. Thanks!

    3. Amazing what God is doing. Your sweet family of believers take “counting the cost” to a level many of us may never understand. Your love for them passion for HIM has inspired me in so many ways.

    4. Jillian, love reading -Who can be against us?-how true! When we are in God`s family, we need never fear what man may do to us. God is blessing his work there. Love you all and praying for you all.

    5. Dear Jillian and Aaron,
      I’ve been so excited and thrilled each time I receive your news via Heldenbrand’s up in “Goshen land,” we’ve been friends and colleagues for ages! I’ve sent your emails and tried to phone your new number and agency without success to reach you or them in person (phone) I really have wanted to receive your news regularly or even inner circle list. I was N. Africa 41 years (1958-1999). Originally from Bloomington,IN. and since retiring lived the 1st 3 months in Indianapolis with my sister and family; then in Jan., 2000, moved to Lafayette, IN. with “new tires.” Have shared with you earlier that my 1st 3 years, were in Tunisia, 2nd 3 Tripoli, Libya; then 35 in Maroc=”beloved country” ( 1 at hospital in Tangier; 18 in the “White City,” and last 16 in the land of “Ozz” the dessert and partly desert!
      I give great praise and thanks to HIM who has entrusted you to your labor where you now are and empathize with you in some reactions and critics; yet not surprising, but fully agree with what you have written in this, all supported by the Living Word. The ord has been and will be honoring your efforts as you continue walking with Him unreservedly; what a privilege!
      You have been being prayed for and hope to hear from you whenever, or perhaps if not before, when you are on this side of the waters.
      Blessings in Him who has called you, In His Unfailing Love, Mercy and Grace, and Living Hope,
      Margie Hiestand-2412 N. 19th. St. Lafayette, In 47904-1140 -765-742-75

    6. Thank you Jillian for this update on what God is doing in your area. I will be praying for all of those that you have written about and especially for you, Aaron, Noah, Josie and Jenna. LOVE TO YOU ALL God Bless. Aunt RITA

    7. Can’t wait to read this to our teen girls at church. What a blessed way to see how God is working. Luv u much!

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