Why Are We Going?
Why are you going to Japan?
This is a question we have answered many times. Some people are curious about why we are going to Japan. Others don’t understand why we would leave the states at all. My husband has been blogging about the “7 reasons we are going to Japan”. I wanted to share number 6 with you as it touched my heart in a new way.
You see, I have not yet been to Japan. I have not met too many Japanese people. When I see the people in this video, when I look in their eyes, I see John 3:18. They are condemned already. They worship and pray to graven images, hoping to be pardoned when they die. They are falling quickly into the gates of hell, not even knowing that Jesus died for them.
When I watched this video the first time, I was reminded of all this. No, I have not been to Japan, but I can’t wait to get there. When I watched it the second time, I imagined the face of each person- in church, singing praise to God, because I know God can do great things in Japan and change many lives. One day, I will post from Japan and show you pictures of Japanese people who have accepted Christ as their savior and we will all rejoice together!
Please watch this video and remember that the fields are white already to harvest. Where are the laborers?

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