Worry and Winter Boots

Early on in our deputation, I was struggling. The transition time of my husband working a full time job to full time deputation was a faith tester. I constantly worried: How will we pay our bills, how will we feed our family? It seemed like all of our children were growing out of their clothes at the same time. “We can’t go into these churches looking like rag-a-muffins!”

There we were surrendered to God’s will expecting Him to do great things with our lives,  but I couldn’t see how He would get us from point A to point B.  On our way to church one Wednesday night, my husband and I were discussing our needs when he said “Let’s just make a list and make it a matter of prayer.” By the time we arrived to church, we had our list made — from what bills needed to be paid all the way down to winter boots for the kids. Our minds were made up; we would simply pray and trust God.

 As I was signing my son into the nursery, my Mother-in-Law came to me, saying the Lord had laid it on her heart to give me money to buy boots for the kids.  Tears started falling as a familiar but temporarily forgotten Scripture came to mind, “My God shall supply ALL your needs according to His riches in glory.” It was just the boost of faith I needed at just the right time.

How silly it is to worry when we have a God in heaven who knows our every need! Foolishly, we try to work things out on our own and only when we are at our wits end do we think “Oh, I should pray about this.” We may have sweet fellowship with the Lord in the morning, giving all our cares to Him, and then an hour later start worrying about the exact same thing we just gave to Him in prayer (sound familiar?). We are told to pray with out ceasing. Prayer is a weapon against worry we have access to all throughout the day. As soon as the thought enters our minds, we must choose to pray instead of to worry. 

Most of us would prefer to skip fund-raising altogether and just get to the field that God has called us to minister in., but this is our training ground. Each lesson we learn along the way we can take and tuck in our pocket to pull out on the field.  You can trust the Lord will use this time to continually increase your faith as you remember to take it all to Him in prayer and trust Him with the outcome. 

How do you make prayer a priority in your specific season of life and ministry?



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